Rotator Cuff Repair biceps tenodesis

thank you for encouragement!. I admit to have slipped up a couple times. I hope i have not done any damage. I believe most of the pain is from the tenodesis area and the pain is not subsiding. I am not a whimp either.
Anyway I just hope this amount of pain at three weeks out is not unusual. I have the expected pain around the other part of my shoulder but this seems to be an awful lot of searing pain. I am not feeling like its swollen or infected .Has anyone else had this much pain with the mini open subpectoral biceps tenodesis?
I hope you are feeling better. I just did my first yoga class today. While nothing hurt at the time, my shoulder is feeling it now! I can't help but wonder -- did I do too much?

My best advice is give it a day or two. I know I will go light on my PT exercises tomorrow and see if that helps. If the pain is not resolving, get it checked out. Most of us here are not professionals but your doctor and physical therapist are. They can address your concern and if there is a set-back, they can suggest a solution. You won't be the first patient who is anxious about whether they did the wrong thing.

It is unlikely you did any damage. It it is more likely you just are really early into your recovery and everything hurts. Either way, get the advice of a professional who address your anxiety or, if needed, your shoulder issue.

Please let us know how that conversation goes -- and of course, how you are!
Thank you for the caring response!! I need it.
Yesterday at PT she said to go easy and that I already have the ROM. She basically said everything you did. I seem intact! phew!
I try so hard to be good with the sling, but as you veterans already know its impossible to not do a tweak or two even when dressing or adjusting the sling.
I could take this if my other shoulder or neck? was not killing me too! Life still goes on and you have to do little things like fill the dog water bowl etc. You just need twice as much time! How on earth has anyone done this alone? Having two very active dogs is not easy either because one is an adolescent giant breed and she is so energetic. My husband used his vacation time to help me so maybe that is why I feel I need to get this going more. PT said that the tenodesis seems ok and that is probably where the pain is worst. Anyway I am less anxious now that I did something wrong. Hope you recovered from yoga!
Glad to hear everything is ok! It is so hard NOT to more when you feel you CAN do more! Unfortunately, you can't hurry the healing process -- and the recovery process! You will be rid of the sling soon, and that will make things a bit easier.
I’m due a total shoulder reverse replacement on the 14 June,and now reading of your pain and struggles I am terrified of the op and the recovery. As I write this I am sending you my best wishes that the pain you are going through eases off and you see light at the end of the tunnel,and healing will continue.
The cramping is mostly the biceps tenodesis area. I did try heat and now i am icing. The heat does help. I just cant wait until i can sleep normally! I realize now that the RSR is probably less complex for post op rehab. Maybe that is why the surgeon recommended it. I hope i do not wreck this surgery !
Thank you for all the help. it means alot. I have had foot, knee, spine (3 times) and now this. I would say it is the second hardest surgery for me after the spinal fusion. My total knee issues were more due to swelling. Not many people talk about shouders compared to other joints but they should. it is a tough surgery to go through!
Ugh I can totally relate. I think the biceps tenodesis is causing the most grief. I am on day 14 recovery. Can’t get comfortable at night no matter which way I lay. And then just when I get a little relief in a spot—time to pee! Sooo frustrating this lack of sleep. No one mentioned that before surgery!

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