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  1. ulrich2000

    Bilateral TKR Double or Nothing! ; )

    Rainy day progress report- It's been a busy week. I've been doing work from home several hours a day in my nest. Reading and binging shows on Netflix and Amazon Prime. Today I was up before everyone so I prepped all the veggies in the refrigerator, sauteed all the mushrooms, and made a pot of...
  2. ulrich2000

    Revision TKR Multiple Knee Replacements

    @Momma-me Glad you’re through but sorry to hear you’re having such a hard time. If you have not already your doc should be told about the blood and the leaking On-Q. In my case the pain really ramped up on day 2 when all the blocks wore off. I had Toradol and Tylenol around the clock and...
  3. ulrich2000

    Yikes Knee Replacement tomorrow

    Best of luck today! You have a couple of tough weeks ahead but now you are on the way to getting better every day. Spring is all about regrowth and new starts. Have a smooth ride today! See you on the other side.
  4. ulrich2000

    Bilateral TKR Specific Information

    Lol! That’s the truth! 2 years ago I would have done just one. Circumstances didn’t allow and things worsened. The right was definitely worse on X-ray, had the most varus deformity (bowlegged) and felt worse walking and standing. The left had crazy popping and scraping feelings that would...
  5. ulrich2000

    TKR bekklev's recovery thread

    You still have a lot of healing to do! You definitely need to review the Recovery Guidelines.
  6. ulrich2000

    Bilateral TKR Specific Information

    I learned from my BTKR that a factor that can make the knee operated on first in BTKR a harder recovery is the fact that they generally do the more damaged knee first. My surgeon explained the reasoning is if there is a problem (bleeding, cardiac issues, allergic reaction, etc.) the surgeon can...
  7. ulrich2000

    In first 2 weeks post-op: where should I park myself?

    I put post about my setup here: My Setup With the bilateral surgery the lift chair is an amazing help. Best of luck!
  8. ulrich2000

    Bilateral TKR Double or Nothing! ; )

    My Recovery Setup Preop I figured I wouldn't need any special furniture or silly toilet seat risers or handles. Tough guy, right? After a couple of days in the hospital reality hit I realized there was no way I was going to be able to sit and get up from any of my low slung Euro furniture and...
  9. ulrich2000

    How do I link to another message in a reply?

    Testing link feature... My Recovery thread
  10. ulrich2000

    How do I link to another message in a reply?

    Awesome @Jaycey ! Can you link to a particular post if the thread is very long? Thanks so much.
  11. ulrich2000

    Surgery Scheduled for 0715 Monday!!

    Best of luck! On the other side... :kayak:
  12. ulrich2000

    How do I link to another message in a reply?

    For example if I want to refer someone to a message in my recovery thread is there a way to link to that thread? Is there a way to link to a specific message? I'd think I'd want to avoid reposting the same information. Thanks!
  13. ulrich2000

    New Questions

    Again, some of this might be provider dependent. Not all may offer the On-Q. Perhaps you can reach out and ask what blocks the anesthesia department uses now. Your surgeon probably knows. Don't wait 3 weeks. Maybe it will help put your mind at ease. In my last month to 6 weeks pre-op I...
  14. ulrich2000

    New Questions

    @Momma-me This is for you too. I started using the Game Ready in the hospital. Ice was used up very quickly, as your legs are pretty warm from inflammation, and also because I was using a split tube set to do both legs simultaneously. The nurses would disconnect the tubings, take the...


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