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    THR THR tell me about your recovery

    I think you need a Netflix subscription for your next dose of PT. Relax and let your body heal up some. I had my right hip replaced last summer and just followed the simple PT of walk, walk a little more, ice up, and rest. My recovery process was and continues to be awesome. Trust the what...
  2. Suttree

    THR Suttree RTHR 7/5/17 - recovery thread

    I'm a little over a month since my RTHR (7/5/17) and have been either blessed or just lucky with my recovery. I'm feeling around 1000% better after having the surgery . . no more limping, no more pain for the first time in 2 years!! I was on a walker for around 10 days and then used a cane...
  3. Suttree

    THR Suttree RTHR 7/5/17 - recovery thread

    Almost at one week ... and things are going really well. Headaches and mild fevers are gone, sleeping well, and slowly upping my activity. Still using walker but am putting more weight on side with new hip. Slow and steady. Probably a premature comment ... but I used a different logic...
  4. Suttree

    THR Suttree RTHR 7/5/17 - recovery thread

    Since getting home yesterday I have not been doing as well. Last night was a little rougher ..... Headache, fever (100-101) and definitely a ratcheting up of the pain as compared to the first 24 hours. Fever has given up and feeling better this morning. Odd, I had the same fever / headache...
  5. Suttree

    THR Suttree RTHR 7/5/17 - recovery thread

    I went in at 12:30pm and doc spoke with my wife at 3:30. I had ... and I'll probably describe this incorrectly ... acetabular cysts that required some backfilling and grafting to ensure a proper fit for the new joint. Apparently that process added the extra time. The wife got a little concerned...
  6. Suttree

    THR Suttree RTHR 7/5/17 - recovery thread

    Thanks for the good vibes people. I was able to sleep in 20 -40min spurts last night ... got in an hour at one point. Appetite has returned. Walked 200 ft with a walker and did some light PT exercises. Getting released after lunch. I'm sure this has been a honeymoon period of sorts and that...
  7. Suttree

    THR Suttree RTHR 7/5/17 - recovery thread

    Hi folks, Gottr Done. Surgery went from around 12:30 to 3:30. Been in my room relaxing since. Just urinated (in the toilet) and took a short roller walk down the hall. I'm sure a lot of it is the drugs but everything feeling well in my new joint at the moment. No appetite yet ... just eating...
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    7/5/17 Right THR . . pre-op questions

    Thanks everyone ... I'm in pre-op. Feeling good and ready to get this done! Will report back from the other side. Sent from my iPhone using BoneSmart Forum
  9. Suttree

    7/5/17 Right THR . . pre-op questions

    Thanks people! I appreciate all of the feedback. One day out and looking forward to it. Sent from my iPhone using BoneSmart Forum
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    7/5/17 Right THR . . pre-op questions

    Hi . . I'm scheduled for Right THR early next month. Posterior approach. Some pre-op questions as your time allows . . 1.) I have a memory foam bed. They are mighty comfortable but can be a little harder to get out of or just try to re-position yourself. Should I kick one of my sons out of...
  11. Suttree

    2017 July Sparklers - Are you having hip surgery in July?

    I'm set for July 5th. Right THR. Posterior approach because of complication from bone cyst pockets. OS uses DePay Pinnacle joint and Summit stem.
  12. Suttree

    Researching Surgeons

    I'm researching surgeons and wanted to see if there should be an expectation of a 'custom THR plan' specific to the measurements on my x-ray / MRI (e.g. the surgeon does 200 per year but has a somewhat unique plan for each procedure). Is that a normal pre-op conversation you have with the...
  13. Suttree

    Hip pain

    Procedure will be a hip replacement. OS said it was the only viable option. Sent from my iPhone using BoneSmart mobile app
  14. Suttree

    Hip pain

    Had my appointment this morning with the OS. They took new x-rays and looks like a right hip replacement for me. The images I posted above must have been inverted or reversed (prior to my posting) because today's -showed my right hip to be the one marked above with the red stars for bone...
  15. Suttree

    Hip pain

    Correct . . I was trying to convey that back in 2015 the doctor looked at the same x-ray you did but did not conclude cam deformity / FAI . . they just noted mild osteoarthritis and I was off chasing spine issues for the next 18+ months. I will be curious to see if the doctor has a different...


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