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    TKR 1 Year Post TKR

    @Benay I love how you put that!! lol.... makes me smile and laugh especially the seamlessly and elegantly part... I couldn't have done that at any point in my life I'm pretty sure :heehee:. I am going to keep following you until you get to the full lotus and you will continue to be my...
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    TKR RAD's recovery thread

    @RAD awesome that you had that feeling in your knee. Can not say I have really had that... maybe for a second or two lol. Maybe while sittling.. but I think that's an awesome milestone!!
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    TKR 1 Year Post TKR

    @RAD my friend I am right there with you! May surgery was May 6 and I got stuck at 105-110 there for a minute. Now that I think about it started up about the time I started PT. See my post above but over the last week or so we figured out the problem is probably more muscular than with the...
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    TKR 1 Year Post TKR

    @Benay that's fantastic! I have to say I think you were on point to do the surgery now instead of waiting! I have been doing shots for several years and limping for awhile before surgery. Now I am struggling to get my bend back mainly because my quad and calf muscles are gripping and...
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    TKR sugarjo TKR May 6

    @lovetocookandsew Ok thank you for the reminder!! I've read and re-read this stuff but people keep getting in my head. Then I hear lots of stories and see others who seem to be doing so much in a much shorter time. I've keep mostly keeping the faith at slow and steady! Thanks again!
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    TKR sugarjo TKR May 6

    In my 10th week post OP and my PTs and massage therapy friends seem concerned but somewhat pretending not to be. Not sure what to think. Today hit 115 degrees bend and 0 degrees straighten but there's really been very little progress in the last 3 weeks. As of today, I am able to ride a bike...
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    TKR sugarjo TKR May 6

    So in to week 6 and feeling like a sloth of healing!! :heehee: Had my follow up on June 6 and my Dr said I was on track ... see you in 4 months. So I guess I'm good. Still have quite a bit of bruising and swelling at 2 spots directly on my knee cap. Which makes sense now that I've had the...
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    TKR 1 Year Post TKR

    @Benay Hi there! Love how much you post in here - I've been reading up on all you have been going thru and we sound very very similar. I am going stir crazy too. I had my post op on June 6 and he was happy with where I was at. I feel like I am super slow still!! At 4 weeks was still using the...
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    MUA 10 weeks post PKR both knees and 2 weeks post MUA

    I had that burning pain too - especially that sunburned feeling on the top of the knee cap. Was so painful it could not stand the lightest touch. Hopefully the Gabapentin will help you - it definitely helped me when I had that burning pain!
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    Revision TKR Multiple Knee Replacements

    Awesome about the straight leg raises! So interesting how the body just kicks in when it's ready!! I did little of the PT exercises around the leg raises and suddenly one day I could do it with no pain. Magic. I started following the flexion "stretching" exercise found on this website and have...
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    TKR sugarjo TKR May 6

    @kneeper Thank you for that. I just read someone's story about walking unaided by day 3, sleeping on their side, and going to the grocery store at within 2 weeks... ugh deflating to read but good for them. I still have a great deal of stiffness which gets way worse after I do my stretches. I...
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    TKR sugarjo TKR May 6

    At the top of week 4. Suddenly on Friday and Saturday started walking with the cane only and some with no aid. Today noticing a significant decrease in the need for Tramadol so stretching that out to once every 6 hours to see how it goes. Noticing that the Tylenol is finally having a...
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    TKR sugarjo TKR May 6

    @eelainea65 that's not much you are getting close! I just don't do well on the oxy at all - don't feel good and makes me sleepy so not hard to let go of!! Also have gabapentin which has really worked well for me. Will check out your thread - see how you are doing!
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    TKR 1 Year Post TKR

    Love reading your thread! My surgery was May 6 - such a different process - no attached pain ball, no staples. Had my shower on my first morning home - its a godsend to stand for a bit under the warm water everyday!! Really struggling with my flexion and extension though so I interesting to hear...
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    TKR Can’t bend or straighten^

    Hi - I had mine done May 6. Was 90 at the hospital and started PT right away. Only regressed until I found Bonesmart. Last Thursday flex was 75 and straight 7-8. Today flex has improved to 90 and straight is still the same so you sound right in line to me!! I'm still on a walker but really...


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