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    TKR So happy Surgery is behind me!

    My limitations were in the brain as well. I was always guarding my leg because of knee injury 25 years past that led to this TKR. I tripped on a rock with surgical leg the other day and reflexively said “OUCH” and then stopped myself and started laughing … It didn’t hurt. I have great balance...
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    TKR A 30 something's TKR recovery

    I was 43 and healthy when I had my RTKR (March 22) I had my surgery because of a sports injury I had at 17 degenerated- and I was on a quick downhill decline since 35 (your age). I also have a cementless Implant but did not have it done robotically. it took me about 6 weeks to walk 1/2 mile. By...
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    TKR Seatides Right TKR Recovery

    :climb:Hang in there @Seatides . We have all done it! At my 3 month OS appointment he said that’s the biggest complaint he hears from people is that they feel good due to much and then have to slow down for a while. It is so hard! It is also a lot of perspective. For me, leaning into the slower...
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    TKR Knee swollen and painful 1 year post-op

    @HopefulRunner Did you do allergy testing prior to surgery? I am youngish TKR receiver (43 @surgery) and talked to a lot of older people who had gone through the surgery. Most complications and revisions patients I encountered (10 TKR people) were due to allergy to something in the implant. I am...
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    TKR Following My Instincts

    20+ week / 5 month update: Haven’t been on bonesmart much because everything is going really well and I only find myself slowing down and icing at night. Still learning to trust the knee- when you have an injury for so many years it is imprinted into your psyche to protect it (the knee) at all...
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    TKR Crying & bending knee question

    glad to hear it is getting easier. Adapt and overcome is the name of the game. I used to pre- entirely ice even if I didn’t need it and I knew I had to go hours without it.
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    TKR Introducing myself deciding if I should get TKR

    Good luck tomorrow! I am just now reading your thread. I am 44 (surgery @43) 5 months out from TKR and it is by far THE BEST decision I could have made. Just go slow and don’t push and you will recover well! Sending you prayers for a perfect surgery and a speedy recovery. -S
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    OATS - MACI My right knee MACI procedure

    @Peter Mac I was actually approved for a MACI when it was still experimental back in 1998. To repair a degenerating cartlidge from an injury in 1995. But at the time I was told it was a 1 year recovery … and I couldn’t even swim for 6months. I was just 20 years old and on my own. My surgeon was...
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    TKR Following My Instincts

    Ah yes, you are all so wise…. I freaked out a bit since I thought concrete meeting metal wasn’t a great thing… but after a handful of days, just sore but still stable and working / functioning.
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    TKR Following My Instincts

    Ok bonesmarties… all good things must come to an end…. Last night I tripped over what amounts to being a tall curb. I hit shin first - about 3” below the end of my scar and then came forward in full yard sale fashion (I had a long dress on and got tripped up in it as I tried to step over) with...
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    TKR Montecresto’s Recovery

    It will get better! Just keep going. I am around 18 weeks and I finally don’t have to think about gait. I did have to change our shoes 2 times since surgery (3/31/22) once in May and once just at the end of July. As my gait changed (for the better) my shoes started feeling weird. My leg was...
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    TKR Following My Instincts

    @hawk2go Yes! It is amazing. Just did a road trip up the coast with hiking and swimming and lots of driving aquariums etc .… taking a few days rest after that week but it was SO worth it. Bonus- ice machine at night is like white noise to block out noisy hotels.
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    TKR Following My Instincts

    Although I have tuned up my road bike - I decided not yet ready for clipless @Roy Gardiner - but it will come! Just completed an 8 mile ride on the beach cruiser flat bike path with a nasty head wind out but flew on the way back. Felt so good!!! I will be 17 weeks post op Thursday and my knee is...
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    TKR I just want to ride my bike. :(

    Hi there @Mustang Shazzy - It’s all good!!! You are doing great. I have had my ups and downs as well and had a very hard time going back to “normal life” at 6 weeks (you can read my thread) I will pass on what my general doctor told me “Give yourself some Grace!” It gets easier. I am at 17...
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    Oh man. I am so sorry. Our challenges often create opportunities we just have to be willing to see them. I am glad that you got that much time off of work so you could allow you body to recover. I noticed substantial gains between 12 & 16 weeks and I hope you do too!

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