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    TKR Optimistic1's Recovery Thread

    Howdy - how are you doing? Hope you are enjoying the spring time. I am and wouldn't have believed that a month and a half ago!
  2. redsoxmama

    TKR Tramadol after stopping- problems sleeping?'

    Had to check in and let all you helpful folks know that I am doing great! For all the discomfort and frustration in Feb and March, the recovery has gone very well for me. I've been back to work since mid April, and "graduated" PT at the end of April and was given the A-OK by the surgeon on...
  3. redsoxmama

    TKR Tramadol after stopping- problems sleeping?'

    Ha - that would be fun.. I didn't even watch one ( Creeped me out to see it so I didn't! I have a good enough visual in my head and the scar! ) No, none have a clue and really don't care... The teacher in the other class in this grade level had a TKR done 10 years ago and repeatedly...
  4. redsoxmama

    TKR Tramadol after stopping- problems sleeping?'

    Thanks for your comments. My knee doesn't hurt at all now. Only the actual mid line of the scar above the knee is sensitive but on the alternate nights, I am surprised at how "normal" it feels. I ice it before bed but have not used ice in bed since the hospital stay. In a perfect world...
  5. redsoxmama

    TKR Tramadol after stopping- problems sleeping?'

    Hi- I was using Tramadol ( 50 mg ) for pain form 2/5/16 thru 3/17/16. I weaned down from 4 over the day the first week to 3 a day then the last week of Feb to 2 halves during the day ,a whole one at night to help sleep. In March I used 1 whole for sleep till the 10th or so then...
  6. redsoxmama

    TKR Was it worth it?

    Deltamn- I think you can get out and about as you have energy for it. I know I went out to dinner on Valentine's Day for my first post op outing ( 11 days post) and it was really nice to have a change of scenery, get up and out ! I was feeling kind of the same way about 2-3 weeks post...
  7. redsoxmama

    TKR Optimistic1's Recovery Thread

    It's great to be able to do something besides sit around here.. I have an exercise bike I can use but usually only 10 -15 mins once or twice a day -no resistance. My goal is to be able to hike a bit and kayak when spring really arrives in April- May. Check you Private Messages - I...
  8. redsoxmama

    TKR The hardest part is not knowing where you're supposed to be

    Ditto all who have replied - you sound like you are right where you're supposed to be. Each person is different- I had my surgery 2/3 and was at 95 when I saw my OS on Tues for a recheck- he was happy with anything over 90 at this point so I think you are right on track. Might be a good idea...
  9. redsoxmama

    TKR 1 month post TKR Fear and bad PT report<

    Hi Ouchmyknee ( cute name!) I am in NH too.. and am 3 1/2 weeks out. The first week was a bear, so give yourself a break and ice that baby. If the pain drugs you have aren't helping - call the doc and ask for help. I had one to start that made anxious, then one that made me a zombie, then...
  10. redsoxmama

    TKR Optimistic1's Recovery Thread

    I did call and he changed the med to Tramadol which worked well for me. I have my Orth.Dr follow up on Tuesday this week. I have been at out patient PT for 2 weeks and think I am doing pretty well- at 100 deg. flexion as of Friday and just got on to the exercise bike fro about 10 minutes...
  11. redsoxmama

    TKR Tramadol after stopping- problems sleeping?'

    I am a little under 3 weeks since TKR Left. Doing pretty well. Had Staples removed last week, and had the little steri strips on it. Since the removal all the strips have fallen off the knee area, the area is healing great, but is sore- actually is what is bothering me at night, spoiling...
  12. redsoxmama

    TKR Well, hello

    Sounds like you have the right attitude about it all! I am with you on the NSAIDs- I used diclofenac which is a 24 hour release, and it worked really well- so well I was rethinking the need to do surgery so "soon" ( 58 = NOT old!) My other knee and few of my fingers miss the other meds...
  13. redsoxmama

    Depression/post-op blues

    Thanks - today was a better day- got out to PT first thing, went for a coffee with my son and later even walked to the mailbox.. BIG trip! I got a card from someone at work who had the boy I help draw the cover -perfect! Also found out one friend DID call yesterday but I missed her call...
  14. redsoxmama

    Depression/post-op blues

    Actually feel pretty good physically today ( only one pain pill at 9am today and feel good ) - but mentally- lonely, bored and feeling forgotten! I don't know why having surgery would compel people who I consider to be friends to actually call, stop by, or inquire. Not even my brother or...
  15. redsoxmama

    TKR JLP's Recovery<

    Agree! I think I have said this a hundred times at least in the last12 days! It hurts, it' s stiff... and an overall pain. My "adult " head says that I know it was for the best! I think we all fight to get off the pain drugs, not sure why it is so important..I have it in my head too. Keep note...


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