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    THR Let's Do It Again

    Are we there yet? you are so so close now. Do you have all your snacks and things all set up and organized at home?
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    THR Equestrian's recovery with Ehlers Danlos

    Just had my 3 month post-op meeting with the surgeon. Everything looks great. He isn't sure why I have lower back pain. I've talked to a few people this week who think it might be related to REALLY TIGHT hip flexors, so I will start doing a lot of stretching, and see if it helps with that. The...
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    THR New to forum and having surgery on 7/8

    Unless you want another recliner, I honestly wouldn’t worry about getting one. Your shower is perfect. Shower stools can be adjusted as well, so if you wanted something to sit on that is higher than the built in, that would be an option.
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    THR New to forum and having surgery on 7/8

    The recliner is a great thing to have if you have use for it afterwards and have a place to put it. I myself did without and quite honestly for the first 2 weeks bed and treks to the washroom is all I did. I would have had no interest in a recliner. Once I got passed the initial surgery...
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    Wondering what to do

    I would definitely suggest looking into surgery. Once a hip is bad enough to start giving you issues, it quite often gets a lot worse, very quickly. You are having so many issues now with that hip, that the longer you wait the more you can risk starting to damage your already replaced hip. As...
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    Bilateral THR I feel like I am zig-zagging through my pre-op appointments!

    I am surprised they still ran appts at the clinic even tough they had Covid running around. I did the same thing you did before going in for surgery. Luckily I have a job where I was able to work from home the 2 weeks before, to help lower my risk of getting it. Unfortunately my husband is an...
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    THR Let's Do It Again

    Oh my goodness that must be so stressful. You know what you're right-from the outside looking in, it seems quick but you know what, when you're suffering time does drag until you get the info you need and get that darn surgery done. I can understand why you would have gone off on them. How...
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    THR Newbee

    Welcome to the forum! Most surgical offices will ask that you don't get any dental work 6-8 weeks before surgery, or they will cancel your surgery if you do. It has to do with decreasing your chance of a tooth infection moving to your new hip and causing an infection there or other issues. Do...
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    Revision THR Golfer67 Recovery Thread

    You know don't stress yourself out to much on the psoas pain. I had the exact same concern you have(I am 3 months post op), and had it for a while after surgery. Because you had issues before surgery with it, a lot of the muscles around your hip, hip and back need to strengthen and re-adjust...
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    THR Second Hip Replacement

    You're well versed having gone through it once already, and it sounds like a very wise decision to me. Most people wait quite late to do the replacement until they are so far gone with pain that they can barely function. It's best to go in before you reach that point, because once you start...
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    THR Equestrian's recovery with Ehlers Danlos

    Good morning my lovelies! I am now just over 3 month months post op my Left THR. The hip itself feels incredible. I am doing physio and other exercises, and started riding my horse(very lightly and cautiously), but since I started walking, I started having lower back pain(quite severe actually)...
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    THR Equestrian's recovery with Ehlers Danlos

    I am now 3 months and 6 days post surgery and the hip at this point is doing incredible. I had Covid on what should have been my 3 months appt, but I got Covid and had to cancel it. The appt was pushed back a month so we here are. I just started riding very small rides and with my husband...
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    Revision THR Complex Revision poor outcome Ehlers Danlos

    What a hard journey to go on! My heart goes out to you and know that this forum will always be there for support for you as you need it. I am so glad that you had the support for a second opinion to get your hip looked at. I have read over and over that the socket of a joint can be difficult...
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    THR Equestrian's recovery with Ehlers Danlos

    Thank you so much everyone! I COULD NOT BELIEVE IT when I got on and NOTHING HAPPENED. No pain, no tightness NOTHING. I literally did not remember how a good hip actually felt, because it had been so many years of issues, and the last 6 months I spent riding were just awful. So so excited to...
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    THR Equestrian's recovery with Ehlers Danlos

    Well I caught Covid 19 late last week and was super sick all week. Still not feeling super hot a week later but on the mend. Guess what I did last night??!? first ride in 6 months. There was ZERO pain. My new left hip was incredible. I didn't even remember riding could feel like this...

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