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    Once things get back to normal, I intend to....

    Looking forward to the options of dining out when in the mood or taking a trip if the desire strikes. We are actually not planning anything for this year 2021 but really hoping for a nice trip in 2022. Hoping things will settle into a better new normal for it to be possible but will see how...
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    THR LTHR next Tuesday

    Wishing you a successful surgery and a smooth pain controlled recovery. I was also nervous before each subsequent surgery but at the same time calmer because I knew more each time what to expect at home and in the hospital. I hope your night is peaceful.
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    TKR Scheduled for Dec. 14

    I found that sharing my recovery here and also reading and sharing the other recoveries was very helpful. This was especially helpful for my first knee replacement as I was totally new to major surgery and the recovery process. The recovery became a shared journey with others understanding the...
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    TKR Experience from those who were "morbidly obese" and had TKR

    I was quite heavy for my knee replacements - I am trying to remember what the weight was - must have been about 230-250 range but I am only 5'4". I had no issues with the surgery and recovery. My main health issue besides the weight was high blood pressure but with medication it was...
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    TKR Surgery scheduled

    Wishing you a successful surgery and a smooth pain controlled recovery. I hope we see you on the shiny (recovery) side when you are up to posting.:flwrysmile:
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    THR Rellimarual's LTHR anterior recovery thread

    Congratulations on your shopping expedition and then getting those groceries into the house in a manageable way. Quite ingenious. It always feels wonderful to accomplish some tasks after surgery. Have a peaceful evening.
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    THR Ava in recovery

    Congratulations on your new hip. You have a great plan for recovery with taking it slow and easy. It worked for me every time. I hope your night is a peaceful one.
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    THR Very scared

    Wishing you a successful surgery and a smooth pain controlled recovery. I hope we see you on the shiny (recovery) side when you are up to posting.
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    THR Thanksgiving Hip

    The hip recovery is much easier than the knee and my knee recoveries were excellent with no major issues. I found the hips hurt a lot more before the surgery than after the surgery. As with the knees, lots of icing and elevation will keep swelling down and help with recovery. A slow and...
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    THR Pre-Op

    I am glad that you have a date now as you had such a long wait from the March cancellations. It is hard to wait but now it will be soon.
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    THR Aquatic therapy

    My OS and his office obtained all the pre approvals from my insurance for all my replacements. As far as pool therapy: I did official pool therapy with a therapist with my first hip before it was diagnosed and even though being in the water felt great it did not help with the hip pain till it...
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    THR dgojill RTHR Recovery Side

    Congratulations on your shiny new hip. I hope your dizziness gets resolves.
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    THR GibsonGirl's Anterior THR Recovery

    Wonderful accomplishment standing up without use of your arms. :yay::egypdance::wowspring::flwrysmile:
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    THR Surgery countdown

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    TKR SpaceDust in Recovery

    Congratulations on your shiny new knee. I hope your night will be peaceful and you get to go home soon. For me there was no place like home.


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