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  1. Larryhg3

    TKR Mmassagee Recovery Thread

    My knees were complete opposites. Lefty struggled for extension took a long time to get back. Righty went to zero but flexion was much slower. Pushing your knee to pain is counter-productive for sure. I am pro PT but that is because I learned the basics of recovery here. I was able to set...
  2. Larryhg3

    Revision TKR Jo's revision arthroplasty

    Welcome back Josephine. You have been missed. Glad you are beginning to feel a bit better. It’s a long road as you know. We will hold you up for a little bit. Prayers and love
  3. Larryhg3

    TKR Over It

    This may not be what you want to hear but it sounds like you are where you should be. It is not uncommon to have issues with regaining strength. The part they forget to tell us is that it can take a full year or more to fully recover. It is quite individual as to how quickly you bounce back...
  4. Larryhg3

    TKR Cortisone/Medrol dose pack 5 day

    Wow 19 days out. In my opinion you should be icing, elevating and resting. Very gentle stretches if tolerated. I am a big proponent of PT but it sounds like yours needs a reality check. Once the swelling starts to subside things may improve. Of course your doctor knows you better than me but it...
  5. Larryhg3

    TKR Harder than I thought, the can do gal

    Wow so glad you are feeling better. Getting the staples out was heavenly for me. I believe that PT has a role in recovery but our knees should guide what we do. For the first 2 weeks of both my knees I iced, elevated and rested. Very easy slides and stretches. I found that those numbers are of...
  6. Larryhg3

    TKR Larry’s LTKR Recovery

    Hello Bonesmarties I just came from my 1 year checkup on Righty (2 weeks early). X-rays looked great stability was great. My Dr has a new PA he broke out the goniometer which irritated my surgeon. Both knees extend easily to zero Lefty bends to 129 Righty to 122. He asked if I minded if he...
  7. Larryhg3

    TKR Will I get better ROM?

    Kerrigirl, I found that I did the amount of activity that I was comfortable with. For me when I stopped focusing on a number and focused on functional goals it got easier for me. I exercise gently twice a week, body weight only exercises and my knees feel good. I personally still ice when my...
  8. Larryhg3

    TKR Will I get better ROM?

    I struggled a great deal with flexion with both of my knees. I did my stretches religiously, worked so hard and added so much stress to my recovery. Even after I had found Bonesmart I stressed over my ROM numbers. It wasn’t until I flipped my perspective in my own mind that I got beyond it...
  9. Larryhg3

    TKR Flexion concerns

    Again I can only add my experience here. My knees (both of them) were bone on bone for close to 10 years. They were “bad” for as long as I remember. I personally was blessed with a great PT who completely understood my situation. They were patient with me and helped me to achieve my goals. You...
  10. Larryhg3

    TKR TS’s lopsided recovery'

    Wonderful news my dear friend. You are one of the bravest people I have met. No matter what came your way you worked through it. Good luck in your return to work.
  11. Larryhg3

    TKR Flexion concerns

    I can say with no hesitation that at 8 weeks 108 flexion is absolutely fine. My question to you is What in your daily life can you not currently do? Like you and so many of us I got so very hung up on that number. But once I changed my thought process my recovery quickly accelerated. My second...
  12. Larryhg3

    TKR Larry’s LTKR Recovery

    Hello Bonesmarties, Stopping by to confirm that it does get better. Righty is 8 months old this week. I continue to do conditioning 2 days a week and both knees are getting stronger and better. I can of course still push too far on my exercises but the staff where I do conditioning promptly...
  13. Larryhg3

    TKR TS’s lopsided recovery'

    :wowspring:You my friend are a rock star. I am so glad for this wonderfully positive report. Things can only go up from here. I am sorry to hear that your family is going through a rough patch. I am always here for you.
  14. Larryhg3

    TKR Coming along<<

    Elad, As much as you would like a definitive answer, the simple truth is that it is different from person to person and even knee to knee. With my first knee I was acutely aware of Everything. With the second one I basically take it all in stride. April 10th will be 6 months for my second knee...
  15. Larryhg3

    TKR TS’s lopsided recovery'

    Sounds like you are making forward progress with the knee. Sometimes not focusing on the numbers is best. Sorry about the home stress, the knee is enough without the rest. Think of you often and send prayers daily.


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