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    THR Kangaroo is hopping

    So, feeling fevery again today. I've been to the doctor who has put me on antibiotics as the fever seems to have no obvious cause (eg I don't have a sore throat or cough) except that the wound is looking a bit pink.....so we are covering our bases. If it doesn't resolve quickly then she will...
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    THR Kangaroo is hopping

    Hi folks, So i am home and the hip feels good. The only thing is that i have spiked a fever, 38 degrees.....and my butt feels bruised to touch. Thats been the case for a number of days and the pt puts it down to surgery....but its not resolving......its not sore at all otherwise, just if i...
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    THR Kangaroo is hopping

    Hi folks, Greetings from my hip replacement rehab/ holiday/ retreat centre. This is just like being on holidays. The hips totally pain free....panadol only occasionally....range of motion and strength good and improving. Down to one crutch. I have my own room and ensuite They bring me food...
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    THR Kangaroo is hopping

    Hi folks, Well I've made it across the surgery journey. Hip was replaced at 7am on Thursday. Anterior approach. The whole thing has been easy. I vomited once due to the combination of the effect of narcotics and an overly enthused physio but other than that I've been fine. I'm on Panadol and an...
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    Kangaroo is back

    Well we're off. Its 5am. Surgery in 2 hours time. Say a prayer.... Gratias R.
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    Can I still be a nurse with double replacements?

    My doctor said.... "You can do anything you like....i dont care at all....hut you are not to jump out of a plane"
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    Kangaroo is back

    Haha...yes. I started watching that and decided ignorance is bliss! I am usually quite relaxed about these things....hut decided that the nerves of upcoming surgery dont meed feeding!!
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    Kangaroo is back

    Yes thanks all. Count down has started.... Feeling ok with it all although a bit frustrated. My family and friends are very dismissive of this surgery....They are so used to me having dodgy hips and such that the prospect of surgery is not even raising a blink. The fact that this surgery is...
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    Kangaroo is back

    So, I have been searching and scrolling through all of my previous posts from 2009. I came across this post which was addressed to another person who had similar symptoms as I did ...which included minimal pain, but rather a life limited by the dodgy hip. My situation now is virtually the same...
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    Kangaroo is back

    I hope that we can get a plan together. I am jumping up and down and doing a bit of a dance in the hope that they take notice. Every person that might be vaguely concerned with my hip surgery is being informed...pre-admission clinic, anaesthetist, surgeon... One surgeon when I was younger told...
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    Kangaroo is back

    My Right was 28th April, 2009 And my left is on 24th January. I think the nausea was a pain relief issue as they used a spinal block I think, last time. I am hoping that they can put something thats not nauseating in the pain relief button, thingy, and dose me up with anti nausea drugs in...
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    Kangaroo is back

    Hi folks, Its been 9 years since I was last on this site. I have just scrolled through the forum and found my old comments and questions, as I am going in again. Hip replacement number 2. LTHR this time. 2009 I had my right hip done, minimally invasive techniques. Superb. So good that I stopped...
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    Period and femoral osteotomy

    No advice here except to say that I am sure you are not the first or the last in this situation. I am having surgery in two weeks and I expect that I could be in the same boat as you. I am praying my 52 year old body might decide to finally go into menopause!! I spoke to the GP and she was...
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    Nurturing mother: how to let go and accept help

    Hi Carol, I always worry about Mums who feel guilty about looking after themselves. Please allow yourself to be nurtured, for weeks or months to come. If we don't allow ourselves to be nurtured then how can we nurture those who depend on us. We need to nurture the nurturer...there are several...
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    groin pain

    I think my problem is that this discomfort has come on unexpectedly. I have had no issues since about july 2009...so to have this annoyance is annoying me!


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