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Recent content by Izabel

  1. Izabel

    Hip Infection* Westy's Hip Recovery Thread

    Westy, I am sorry to read you are going through another procedure today. I have been through the spacer route and I know with your upbeat attitude you will pass with flying colours. Sending positive vibes from afar ... you will get through this journey ... Izzy xx
  2. Izabel

    THR So many ups and downs<

    @MobiM How lovely for you to stop by and let us know how you are doing. Walking 300 yards unaided ... I applaud you and cannot wait till I can walk that far. Everything went pear-shaped for me and they found infection when they went to do the Revision in October 2018 so I had a spacer in...
  3. Izabel

    Revision THR Hope for 2020, Revised THR

    :wave: Sarah I had what I assume was shin splints and I just massaged my shin frequently to be honest. Not sure that is helpful to you ... but mine eventually just went away, a bit like the plantar fascitis did with me. Have a good week my friend. Izzy xx
  4. Izabel

    Hip Infection* Izabel, Walking on Sunshine

    I find professionals (doctors, lawyers, dentists) all weird here, They all seem to wear jeans and are very casual and 'hands on' .. but the Portuguese are a very touchy feely bunch, very endearing actually! I love crickets, have them and chicadas here. Have a lovely week sweet friend.. y Izzy xx
  5. Izabel

    Hip Infection* Checking in

    :wave: WhoKnew Lovely to hear from you. You seem to be having quite an exciting time and it seems you made a good call on your lifestyle. Please be careful in your new adventures. Izzy xx
  6. Izabel

    Hip Infection* Izabel, Walking on Sunshine

    I always look to see if you are peeking out ... and delighted when I see you. :friends: I hope you are keeping warm in your part of the world. Our friend from here took her daughter to Tennessee yesterday and I think they may need a sweater! We are forecast sunny warm days which is good for...
  7. Izabel

    Hip Infection* Izabel, Walking on Sunshine

    dear Chrissie and thank you for stopping by. I have been thinking about you and pleased to her your hip and knee are behaving. I am so sorry to hear of the loss of your friend. xx Please take care and keep in touch. Izzy xx @Hoppy Nanny
  8. Izabel

    Revision TKR Recovery Knee Revision

    :wave: and welcome to BoneSmat on behalf of your mother and I am sad to hear of her issues. I am not medically trained nut I have had my knee replaced once and my hip three times. My call on this is quit the PT immediately! Your mother needs to rest, elevate and ice, that's it, apart from a...
  9. Izabel

    Revision TKR TKR 3 revisions in 2 years

    :welome: to BoneSmart, albeit under rather unpleasant conditions. If I were you I would go to the ER to get checked out. You seem to have waited quite a while with no relief and I would want to at least get a medical opinion as to what might be going on. I myself have been through infection...
  10. Izabel

    Hip Infection* Izabel, Walking on Sunshine

    Sweet Sarah Yes, I love my garden, especially since I am in a locale where it can be enjoyed virtually year round ... one reason we moved here 18 years ago. Regarding the new exercises, I can manage a few steps either side but stay close to the wrought iron footboard for balance if needed. I...
  11. Izabel

    THR VSlowLife's Recovery Thread

    V Isn't it strange how different we all are! I was reading through your progress (which is going very well) and noticed how everyone likes the grabber. Well, I couldn't manage it for love nor money! I found it clunky and often dropped it or what I was grabbing. In the end I found ingenious...
  12. Izabel

    THR VSlowLife's Recovery Thread

    :wave:V ... a lot of us suffered with knee pain and this is probably caused by the positions they oik you into to perform the hip op! I didn't find ice helped the knee much and my Surgeon said not to keep ice on the knee for more than 15-20 minutes although okay for long periods by/on the...
  13. Izabel

    Hip Infection* Izabel, Walking on Sunshine

    :shocked: Eek no, I meant 12C so about 52F ... I try to convert to be helpful ... :kickedout:t I don't mind X-rays. When I originally broke my hip in 2014 the gurney was rolled under with me fully dressed in winter gear. When I had all the fractured bones and was in the SNS (free) hospital I...
  14. Izabel

    Hip Infection* Izabel, Walking on Sunshine

    ... not that I am looking forward to it. I have a consultation with my gorgeous OS on 23 March when I will have X-rays and bloods. I am positive all will be well but I want to talk to him about me not being able to walk unaided. I was having difficulties before my falls so maybe there is...
  15. Izabel

    Hip Infection* Westy's Hip Recovery Thread

    :wave: Westy. I am sorry to read of all the issues you have been going through and I hope you get definitive answers with your new OS. I know from experience how unpleasant an infection can be having had e-Coli in my hip and down through my thigh almost three years after my original THR when...

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