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    THR Hipster_Chics Wild Ride Round 2 Recovery: Superpath THR-L

    @2hipreplacement Meloxicam/Mobic is an anti-inflammatory drug. At home, I was prescribed Oxycodone 5mg 3x/day for 14 days, which really didn’t help relieve the pain. As a comparison, I was prescribed Dilaudid for the first month post op in 2014 and it provided much better pain relief. For...
  2. hipster_chic

    THR Hipster Chic's Wild Ride Round 2 (THR-L/Superpath)

    @hipreplacement @FlaGal @Puggles see my recovery thread here: https://bonesmart.org/forum/threads/hipster_chics-wild-ride-round-2-recovery-superpath-thr-l.67569/
  3. hipster_chic

    THR Hipster_Chics Wild Ride Round 2 Recovery: Superpath THR-L

    Hello all. First of all, my apologies for the delay in this post! I had my THR-L done by Dr Elvis Grandic, Boyton Beach FL on 8/18. I posted a quickie thread under the pre-op section, but in a nutshell, this surgery was a bit more challenging than my THR-R, which was done in 2014. You can read...
  4. hipster_chic

    THR Hipster Chic's Wild Ride Round 2 (THR-L/Superpath)

    Thanks all! Doing much better now . Will post more details in the post op section when I get some time!! ❤️
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    THR Hipster Chic's Wild Ride Round 2 (THR-L/Superpath)

    Hello all! I'm on the "other side" woot-woot!!! Surgery took place on Weds 8/18. I had the Superpath procedure with Dr Grandic at Bethesda West hospital. This is my second THR surgery: THR-R was completed back in 2014. Unfortunately, the THR-L was pretty rough when compared to my 2014...
  6. hipster_chic

    THR Hipster Chic's Wild Ride Round 2 (THR-L/Superpath)

    I’ve heard that cortisone is always risky as I believe it can cause further cartilage deterioration over time. In my case, I’m uncertain what caused things to go awry this time around. The one thing it did do was it stopped the “movement” of the pain (ie now only my left hip hurts) and of...
  7. hipster_chic

    THR Hipster Chic's Wild Ride Round 2 (THR-L/Superpath)

    Hey all, Thought I'd start this thread to document my 2nd THR journey! I had THR-R/Superpath back in 2014 & just as I was celebrating my 7yr hip-a-versary, learned that I need to replace my left hip :nah: So far, the left hip has been TOTALLY different than what I experienced with my right...
  8. hipster_chic

    2021 August Hotshots - Are you having hip surgery in August?

    It's been a LONG time since I've visited Bonesmart. Had THR-R/Superpath in 2014 & just as I celebrated my 7yr "hippiversary" found out that I need to get THR-L/Superpath by Dr. Grandic. My surgery date is set for Aug 18 2021 :wave:
  9. hipster_chic

    Class of 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 & 2015 Hippies

    Hello fellow hippies! Checking in and yeah, this April it will be 3 years (yikes!) since I had my THR-R done! Best decision ever, and my parts are doing their thing the way they're supposed to! I was on anti-inflammatory meds for about a year post op due to stiffness, but have since stopped...
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    Happy Hip-A-Versary

    Just dropping by to wish a happy hip-a-versary to my hip buddies @Sue629 @jebrig3164 @stanH @Dieter @fulafoto @M1ke So hard to believe it's been a YEAR already?! Things are going well here in Atlanta! I'm doing a charity walk this weekend (yay!) and am averaging between 10-12K steps each day...
  11. hipster_chic

    THR From Hipster Chic to Hippie Chic!! My Superpath THR

    Thanks @forbesy! And @waterman1 so glad to hear you're doing well! @copsham the water is a great way to get your hip going again!! @brooklyn you'll be in your heels soon enough - hang in there! Wishing you all the best @mydog - so glad that our posts have been helpful & I'll be checking in to...
  12. hipster_chic

    THR From Hipster Chic to Hippie Chic!! My Superpath THR

    @Sue629 so good to hear from you, and to hear that you're doing well!! I've been watching the weather and sheesh, no fun at all:nah: Here in Atlanta, we're essentially on lock down today awaiting a potential 1-2" accumulation!! So funny how Atlanta just doesn't fare well when it comes to...
  13. hipster_chic

    THR From Hipster Chic to Hippie Chic!! My Superpath THR

    Hello fellow hippies! Just checking in to say hello! I'm coming up on 10mos post op next week (so hard to believe!) and things are going incredibly well! I rarely get sore anymore, and wear high heels just about every day :egypdance: I keep forgetting that I have a new right hip, it's pretty...
  14. hipster_chic

    Minimally invasive posterior vs traditional posterior

    @filmguy I had the Superpath procedure, which differs from the other procedures mostly due to the surgeon managing the replacement within the hip capsule (or at least that's how my non-medically trained brain interpreted the literature about the procedure). I'd hardly call it minimally...
  15. hipster_chic

    Has anyone tried stem cell therapy for hip arthritis?

    Hello @Wellness in Virginia! I had stem cell injections prior to getting my R-THR. While the injections took some of the "edge" off the pain and discomfort I was feeling, it wasn't enough to help me sleep through the night, walk or do any of the other activities I was missing! I ended up...


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