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    THR Nervous...recovery with children

    Hi @AxeAndExtraFox i am just over 2 months post op and if you look back at my thread you’ll see I was most worried about looking after my littles after surgery. My youngest just turned a year before my THR and my oldest is 3.5 years. Even though I could walk with a walker right away after...
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    THR Woohoo! Let the healing begin!!

    Thanks @Layla Wow I can’t believe it’s been 2 months since surgery! So much has changed since my last update. At 7 weeks I got the all clear from my surgeon to start driving, lift all restrictions and start outpatient physio. I shaved my legs and cut my own toenails, although reaching my pinky...
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    THR Woohoo! Let the healing begin!!

    Big update for 6 weeks! I’m able to sleep on both sides during the night and stay there for long periods without difficulty! It’s so nice to not have to stay on my back all night :yay: Also, I’m completely off Tramadol and just taking Tylenol and Advil twice a day. I’m making some progress with...
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    THR Finally On The Recovery Side

    @Mersada its magical when the butt pain goes away. I can’t remember exactly which week it went away for me but moving around gets much better once that happens.
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    THR Hi! Post THR recovery

    @JohnWilky happy belated 42nd anniversary and 8 week hipversary! I’m so impressed that you are able to walk for 45 minutes to an hour, way to go!! Hope the sleep gets better for you soon
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    THR Woohoo! Let the healing begin!!

    @Missy45 thanks for the encouragement, I will keep focusing on the heel to toe walking and hopefully with practice I’ll make progress like you!
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    THR Woohoo! Let the healing begin!!

    Thank you for the advice, I will respond to the app invite. This is the push I needed, I appreciate it! I’m so glad I found this forum because I’ve learned so much from everyone, whether they’re veterans or newbies, so much support and encouragement!
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    THR Woohoo! Let the healing begin!!

    Thanks @FCBayern week to week is definitely the way to go now. I’m glad to hear you are still seeing improvements this far out in your recovery. My husband gave me the same pep talk yesterday about how much progress I made over the past few weeks. He also reminded me that before the surgery I...
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    THR Woohoo! Let the healing begin!!

    @Jaycey you’re right, I need patience by the bucket loads. PMS hormones don’t help the situation either! I think that was worsening my self-doubt
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    THR Psoas tendonitis post-THR

    Oh no @Sashimu that must have been so frightening! I’m glad to hear that you’re feeling better. Keep icing and elevating to get past this setback.
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    THR Woohoo! Let the healing begin!!

    Thank you @Jaycey @Eman85 and @Layla! I am starting to get to the point where I feel recovery has stalled. In the logical part of my brain I know that it hasn’t really, because I can pinpoint small improvements every day. But the emotional part of my brain is starting getting impatient with...
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    THR Woohoo! Let the healing begin!!

    @Jaycey should I try this with the crutch or without? I find if the crutch is out of reach I tend to sway to the side when taking a step.
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    THR So far, so good, knock wood

    @DancerHips i had lateral approach and my restrictions included not turning my foot inward and not abducting my op leg. I clearly remember that unstable feeling especially in the hospital when I was first learning how to get in and out of bed. At 5 weeks, it has gone away for the most part or...
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    THR Woohoo! Let the healing begin!!

    Thanks @Jaycey i tried it and you’re right, it definitely felt weird. I can’t say it hurt, but it felt like I was sleeping on a lump. I lasted about 10 minutes the first time. I’ve been alternating sides as much as possible to give my back a break. 5 weeks today. Been getting outside for walks...
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    THR Woohoo! Let the healing begin!!

    One month (+ some days) update: can’t believe I missed posting on the one month mark but I think it’s because life gets busy as you get further into recovery. I’m still walking with one crutch, much faster than before but I limp without it so I’ll keep using it. I will probably need to request...


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