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    THR Surprise Hip Pain?!

    Hi HipsterMum, I was very interested to read about your new pain at five months. My total hip replacement was Oct. 14, 2019 (posterior). I had been feeling very little pain the past month and am surprised to be feeling new and different pain now at five months, although it's not the same as...
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    THR Lucy's Recovery

    Thanks @Layla. I'm hurting a little bit more now that I'm back in the U.S., but maybe that's because I've ditched the cane and it's much hillier here in D.C. than in London. I was so ready to go back to my office, but now we're working from home. And no church services in D.C. it's a lot like...
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    THR Elf1 Recovery Road

    There's a lot to love in your Valentine's Day update, @Elf1. Isn't it nice when someone you haven't seen in a while comments on how much better you look since your surgery?
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    THR Lucy's Recovery

    Four months! Wow, can't believe it @Layla. Feeling a little more pain when these UK storms are heading in. But nothing a couple of aspirin can't take care of. And nothing could touch the pain before my surgery, so I'm not complaining.
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    THR Lucy's Recovery

    I know what you mean about a real handkerchief, @VSlowLife. I was searching for the one a friend gave me before my older son's wedding but couldn't find it. Maybe if I have time I'll head down to the King's Road and look for one.
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    THR Lucy's Recovery

    @VSlowLife @leejaa @Layla @FCBayern @Elf1 @Fit4Family @CricketHip @Mojo333 What a beautiful outpouring of kindness and support. Thank you. Planning the funeral has been very comforting. Sarah's church, St. Simon Zelotes, in Chelsea, is a little gem. We're having five members of the choir and...
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    THR Lucy's Recovery

    My sister died Friday afternoon. My other sister and I were with her, and she just stopped breathing. Her favorite hymn, For All the Saints, was playing on her stepdaughter's phone. It was quiet and gentle, like something out of a movie.
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    THR Lucy's Recovery

    Thank you @FCBayern. I really appreciate your prayers. This is a difficult time, but also a time to gain understanding. Mainly I am learning that there is no way to know what will happen at crucial moments of our lives. And we don't need to know and plan all the time, just love those around us...
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    THR Lucy's Recovery

    16 weeks now, and I've been in London since Thursday. I splurged and flew business class from my home in Washington, DC, and it was worth every penny to be able to lie flat on an overnight flight. Wheelchair assistance made security and passport control a breeze. Best of all, I feel better than...
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    THR Lucy's Recovery

    15 weeks tomorrow and some victories to report. I took my beloved raised toilet seat off at 12 weeks. Sitting down is no problem; actually it's a pretty good way to practice squatting, but until last week I was unable to get up without bracing myself either on the tank or on the seat. A couple...
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    THR Lateral entry, no restrictions!

    So happy to hear of your success. To me that was the worst part of the actual surgery.
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    THR Lateral entry, no restrictions!

    I opened the can, poured about half of the can into a bowl, doused it in cinnamon, and spooned it in my mouth. I put the rest in the refrigerator but never needed it. Hope it works for everyone. Didn't taste that bad to me, but then again I eat my steel cut oats with nothing but cinnamon.
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    THR Lateral entry, no restrictions!

    Pumpkin puree did the trick for me. Even better is magnesium citrate 400 mg.
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    THR Steelmanpa's Recovery Thread

    Loved hearing about your progress @Steelmanpa. I am just a week behind you, but still not able to play any gigs. Of course I never could, so... Like you, I'm still waiting for some additional healing. Can't wait to see if I feel much better when the weather turns warm.
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    THR Lucy's Recovery

    Thanks for the anniversary wishes @Layla. At three months I'm not quite where I hoped I'd be. My hip is very stiff in the morning, and I have startup pain after I've been seated, even if not for very long. I finally removed the raised toilet seat, since I knew I'd have to get used to regular...


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