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  1. cornishgal

    THR One woman, two hips , one week

    Thank you @Mojo333 wise words I like the description of travelling pains . I think only us hippy hipsters get what that means . I will ask physio what he thinks luckily I’m going tomorrow is which is good news . I had posterior approach ache is around top of pelvis lower waist area feels like a...
  2. cornishgal

    THR One woman, two hips , one week

    Hello all sorry I haven’t posted for a while been busy catching up with people and some little jobs around the home . I have been trying to perfect my gait . I seem to be at another plateau at the moment and I am afraid I might over over did it as I went for a long walk a couple of Days ago and...
  3. cornishgal

    THR One woman, two hips , one week

    Thanks @Mojo333 for saying I was a beyond brave for my surgeries . I must say the support on the forum given by yourself and others has been amazing and has helped hugely . Glad it’s all done sooo worth it and I don’t have to worry about the next hip in a few years . I hope my thread will...
  4. cornishgal

    THR One woman, two hips , one week

    Thankyou all so much yes @Jaycey I have a new pair of sketchers which I think are helping with the toe to heel walking I will practice more slower walking I tend to bomb around a bit. The physio taught me to raise my leg sideways slowly keeping my waist still and foot to the front for...
  5. cornishgal

    THR One woman, two hips , one week

    Hi All , Appreciate any gait tips and hints on getting an improved gait. I have some exercises from physio but wondered if any of you could offer your expertise! Main problem is a bit of a waddle one leg seems to walk ok the other still hitching up at the waist if that makes sense . I’ve got to...
  6. cornishgal

    THR One woman, two hips , one week

    Hello @Mojo333 just noticed it’s been a while since I posted . I am making progress and doing a few more firsts . I drove to the shops last week just a 10 minute drive but it felt great to drive again . I went out for lunch a couple of times which was amazing . Physio making me work on my...
  7. cornishgal

    Bilateral THR Grateful Double Hippy

    Happy birthday @Mojo333 , I hope you have a lovely day xx
  8. cornishgal

    THR Hiptopia!

    Hi Calgal, glad your recovering well and really like your tips about seating cushions in totes . I will try that soon . My OS on my 6 week follow up not so strict on 90 degrees but states not to EVER cross my legs again. I am posterior too and had both my hips done within one week so one hip...
  9. cornishgal

    THR One woman, two hips , one week

    Thankyou @Bergame i am working on my walking hopefully I am improving ?? I am looking forward to see what the physio advises just waiting for appointment . I hope your recovering well sending healing vibes from across the pond .
  10. cornishgal

    THR One woman, two hips , one week

    Oh my lord predictive text ! Should be might be that the prosthetic.... Struggle not boggle Titrate not titrations Strong not sting !
  11. cornishgal

    THR One woman, two hips , one week

    Hello thought I would check in with progress report . Firstly Thankyou for birthday messages I had a fab day with family and friends . Yesterday had my 6 week post op check mainly all good went through what I can and cannot do . Can never cross legs again or internally rotate hip must bend out...
  12. cornishgal

    THR Struggle has been real!!!

    Hi @Aline, I am with you in spirit my hip buddy recovery is a winding road @Mojo333 diagram on her thread and mine demonstrates that, but bless you you had a road block in there as well . I had two hips fixed within a week with each other. The first hip fixed was my left and is great hasn’t...
  13. cornishgal

    THR One woman, two hips , one week

    Absolutely @Elf1 . Cheers:martini:
  14. cornishgal

    THR One woman, two hips , one week

    Don’t tell anyone @Jaycey but started celebrating tonight !
  15. cornishgal

    THR Elf1 Recovery Road

    Hi @Elf1 glad to see you are recovering well . I’m sending you some positive vibes of healing from sunny Cornwall (UK) .

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