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  1. Carolina girl

    Josephine joins the ranks of the marginally terrified

    Jo, I haven't been on the board for quite a while but when I saw your post about your up-coming surgery I just had to post to let you know how much I appreciated you and your advice before and after my surgery in July, 2013. My surgeon was not very informative at all but you and all of the...
  2. Carolina girl

    TKR Lovetoread's Recovery Thread---She is home already!

    Jean, it is so good to hear how well you are doing! If you remember, I had my knee done about the same time as you had your first one done. While, I have not done as well as you, I do think I am making good progress. We just returned from a 700 mile trip to Tennessee and my knee was fine. I...
  3. Carolina girl

    TKR One year anniversary and still struggling somewhat

    I have not heard from the PA since my Ct scan Tuesday. I called today and his nurse said she would get the scan and have him call me about it. That was 11:00 and she called back at 4:45 and, of course, I missed the call. I did go by today and got a copy of the written report and the good...
  4. Carolina girl

    TKR One year anniversary and still struggling somewhat

    Josephine, thanks for getting back to me. The PT gave me three exercises to do at home. I was pretty conscientious about them at first and in last few weeks have been less consistent. One is lying on side and lifting leg straight out for 20 reps (2 sets) This is to strengthen the quads. This...
  5. Carolina girl

    TKR One year anniversary and still struggling somewhat

    Thanks Jamie, I am going to keep the appointment with the P.A. because I want to find out where my surgeon is now practicing.
  6. Carolina girl

    TKR One year anniversary and still struggling somewhat

    I had a LTKR July 3, 2013 and felt my recovery went quite well. I had six weeks of PT twice a week and had an excellent physical therapist. I saw the surgeon in late December and told him I had tightness and pain from back of the knee along the side when I walked. He said, "Something must be...
  7. Carolina girl

    TKR Lovetoread's Recovery Thread---She is home already!

    Hi Jean, I just read your post and I am still shaking my head at how great you did! I was just reading a piece on Yahoo about former President George W Bush and it mentioned he had a knee replacement recently and I immediately wondered where he went. You have answered that question and it...
  8. Carolina girl

    Coming up on 1 and 2 yr. anniversaries!

    Hi Sandy! I have not been on here for awhile but I wanted to congratulate you on your incredible progress! It sounds like you have grabbed hold of the active life you want! You have been such an inspiration. My one-year anniversary is next month and I was remembering tonight what a lifeline...
  9. Carolina girl

    TKR Two (almost) matching knees at last!

    Hi Sandy and Jean! I enjoyed your posts. No falls to report so far, glad to say.
  10. Carolina girl

    TKR Surgery Went Well

    Trisha, glad you are doing so well! Jane is right, you can easily over to. I finished PT last week and yesterday was acting as if I had never had surgery. I woke up during the night with intense pain in my knee and leg. At 4 o'clock I will sitting in the living room icing my knee. I am at 12...
  11. Carolina girl

    Bilateral TKR Calamity on the other side!

    Jane, I went 12 times for an hour each and worked hard the entire hour. Every exercise Idea seemed to have a purpose. I agree with you. I would not have done these Exercises at home. There were several exercises that PPT assistant did with me. That was even more motivating.
  12. Carolina girl

    TKR Almost 10 weeks out and hanging in there

    Jamie is right. You have plenty of time to Get more range of motion. I finished six weeks of PT on Thursday. I only got to 115. The surgeon said that was fine . He thinks I will pick up at least five more degrees in the next Few months.
  13. Carolina girl

    Bilateral TKR Calamity on the other side!

    Hi Jane, I glad you are doing well. I just finished six weeks of PT Thursday. It went very well. There was only one time when I felt it was too intense. It caused some back pain. I told the therapist the next day. From then on they were very considerate of my back. I am glad you are speaking up...
  14. Carolina girl

    Bilateral TKR Pain when lifting knee

    I am eleven weeks with left knee. I still have pain but not in the shin. I remember the day that I realized This would not be an easy recovery and was going to take time. I have those days when I try to convince myself that things are back to normal, only for the knee to adamantly proclaim...


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