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    TKR Second TKR in 4 months!

    I had both knees done TRK july and TLK nov First one was a breeze Second one not too good I'm almost at the 4 month mark on the second knee Still having a lot of trouble sleeping I take oxy at night but it only helps for about an hour then I have to get up and walk around Only averaging 3 or 4...
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    TKR Cococay in pre-op

    How did your surgery turn out?
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    TKR My second knee recovery living hell

    I agree I had left knee done July 27 I just had my right knee done Nov 16 and this knee is terrible The pain and swelling are a lot worse then my other knee My surgeon says knees are sisters but not twins I know it will get better
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    TKR Think Positive

    I am very nervous because I know what is coming but I know I have to do this and it will get better
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    TKR What would you do?

    I'm getting my surgery Monday too I pre op test and dreaded covid test Hospital called I have to be at hospital at 10 AM surgery at noon Last time I had to be there at 5 AM I am a little nervous but I know what is going to happen I had my right knee done July 27 Can't wait till it's all over...
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    TKR Weight loss while recovering

    I'm getting my left knee done the same day as yours Good luck
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    TKR Weight loss while recovering

    I gained weight I ate too many snickers They seemed to help me cope with the pain
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    TKR Think Positive

    Now that right knee is done I'm getting ready for LKTR on Nov 16 Blood test Mon Covid test Wed and then I wait I'm not as nervous this time because I know what to expect I hope things go as well as they did on right knee I'm 15 weeks out on right knee Still some sleeping problems but everything...
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    TKR Bikeknit's Recovery Thread

    I started driving at 12 weeks I had right knee done It was just hard getting in and out of car but no problem with gas and brake
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    TKR What would you do?

    Only you can decide what to do My doctor told me I'd know when it was time This last year was the worst for me I was walking with a cane and some days I couldn't walk at all I kept putting it off We are avid cruisers and I kept saying one more cruise So when all cruises were cancelled I decided...
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    TKR Think Positive

    I saw doctor for my 12 week check Bend is very good I have to work on extension Some soft tissue issues I need to massage back of knee She said to use a rolling pin or a tennis ball and put heat on back of knee I scheduled surgery for left knee Doctor was kind of surprised that I was ready I...
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    2020 November Nimbles - Are you having knee surgery in November?

    I am having LTKR on Nov 16 I had RTKR on july 27
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    TKR Geoffa recovery

    I had my surgery right before yours July 27 I seem to be getting better every day I walk down stairs no problem I still have problems sleeping Only pain med I take is Oxy at night because I can't get comfortable Still a little swollen and I ice a lot I see doctor in 2 weeks for my 12 week check...
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    TKR VABeachpatient's Pre-op Thread

    I worried about steps too I made it up okay because you will still be on strong pain killers They won't wear off for a day or two
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    TKR Attempting Steps

    I had surgery same day as you I did home therapy for 2 weeks I only did out patient therapy for 1 week The therapist was too aggressive for me I am doing better on my own I don't know what my rom is I do some stretching and I ride my recumbent bike for 10 min a day I go to the grocery store and...


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