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  1. CaliGirl

    TKR CaliGirl's post op journey.

    I'm posting again after a loooong hiatus - I'm now almost 14 months post op. Being back at work, spending my lunch breaks going to PT, then having to work late to make up the time was draining. I had no energy left when I got home. I also wanted to be the poster child for awesome TKR recovery...
  2. CaliGirl

    TKR Confused and Depressed

    I just wanted to chime in and tell you that at 14 weeks, I'm still taking a Percocet at night (usually 1/2 a pill when I get home from work, and then the other half just before bed), so don't worry about the fact that you are still on pain meds at 7 weeks. I know my surgeon didn't even blink...
  3. CaliGirl

    TKR CaliGirl's post op journey.

    Being back at work has definitely tired me out. I never did figure out a good way to elevate my leg here. I realized that most days, I do actually stand up and take a few steps quite frequently, and that helps A LOT. Days where I'm just sitting are the hardest. This weekend I attended a...
  4. CaliGirl

    TKR Tabbycat's Recovery<

    I'm so glad you are feeling better. You've had a rough go of it. I think Max had the right idea. :loll:
  5. CaliGirl

    My Pre-Op Today

    My surgeon (or more specifically the anesthesiologist) DID give me a nerve block, but my leg was never immobilized. I was up and walking on it with a walker the evening I had my surgery. I just found it interesting that you had heard that nerve block = immobilizer, since that wasn't my...
  6. CaliGirl

    Home Nursing?

    My home came maybe three times, and all she did was take my vitals. My surgeon had the nurse at the hospital put a waterproof dressing on right before I went home, and told me in no uncertain terms NOT to let the home health nurse TOUCH it. It was to stay on until my 2-week appointment, at...
  7. CaliGirl

    CPM Machine

    I actually found it helpful when my knee stiffened up in the early days. I would put the settings well within my comfort zones for both flexion and extension, and let it do it's thing a couple of times, and then increase both the flexion and extension numbers a little, and let it go back and...
  8. CaliGirl

    Is a recliner needed post surgery?

    My couch is not comfortable to lay on. It has recliner seats on both ends, but those are MANUAL recliners, not electric. Pre-op I tried pushing down the footrest with one leg and realized that was not going to be an option post-op. I looked into renting an electric lift chair. That was...
  9. CaliGirl

    TKR CaliGirl's post op journey.

    Today was a bit harder. I think I was sitting for longer periods without getting up, and I was quite very stiff by the end of the day. Very grateful I had my cane. I did bring a pillow today, and placed it on top of a bankers box under my desk. It was ok, but not ideal. I probably would have...
  10. CaliGirl

    TKR CaliGirl's post op journey.

    @newlybionic Yes, I'm back 5 days a week, but I work a 7 1/2 hour day, and they're very flexible about my time, so I can come in early, take a short lunch, and leave early. I just need to bring a pillow with me tomorrow. I tried to prop my leg on a box, but it was too hard and uncomfortable.
  11. CaliGirl

    TKR CaliGirl's post op journey.

    So today was my first day back at work. My knee is stiff, but not hurting very much. Also I'm not nearly as tired as I thought I would be. I had planned on taking a half hour lunch, and leaving half an hour early. There was a mandatory meeting at 1:00, and I figured I'd take lunch after the...
  12. CaliGirl

    TKR CaliGirl's post op journey.

    @Happydale My OS also wrote me as totally disabled for 3 months, but I was told he does this just so he doesn't have to keep filling out disability extension forms, and that I could return to work when I feel up to it. On my request they faxed a return to work form to my employer, releasing me...
  13. CaliGirl

    TKR CaliGirl's post op journey.

    Thank you for the support everyone. @Suz Yes, I sleep with a body pillow. It is actually a U shaped pillow. I love the thing. You are supposed to put your head in the curve of the thing, but I get too hot and tangled up that way, so I have it upside down. I had banished it from my bed...
  14. CaliGirl

    TKR CaliGirl's post op journey.

    I'm checking in for an update. I have been more active with errands and pt visits, and participating in real life again, so I haven't been around here much. I'm also getting ready to go back to work on Monday. As far as my progress, I'm at 110 flexion (pt is happy with that, surgeon wants...
  15. CaliGirl

    TKR CaliGirl's post op journey.

    9 weeks post op as of yesterday, and I'm able to do more and more. I even got into my car like a normal person today and it didn't hurt. I'm still using the cane first thing in the morning, and when I go out, but really don't use it in the house much at all. I'm able to sit in a regular chair...


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