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    TKR Pain tolerance and management

    You are a very compassionate and awesome son!! Everyone's pain tolerance is different. I've had 5 left knee surgeries- 2 arthroscopies, a TKR, removal of implant due to infection and finally a revision surgery . I have been in pain for years, more so the last couple .From experience I can...
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    Knee Infection* Total Knee Replacement Infection Issue

    Hi @Doned1221 I was one of the "lucky" ones who also developed an infection after my TKR in 2017. Like you, I had an articulating antibiotic spacer, a course of IV antibiotics and just had my revision on 10/29 . Your OS and ID Drs sound like they are really on top of things so I'm sure you'll...
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    Revision TKR chronic post op TKR pain

    Sometimes you don't even need to go out of state. I live in FL and for my initial tkr I went to an OS in S FL because I was unable to find any "good" surgeon's where I lived that took my insurance . I had issues almost ftom the beginning. Finally about 10 months after my surgery I scheduled an...
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    TKR New knee pain 18 months after TKR

    I'm the same way. I mostly wear shorts - good thing I live in FL. But it had been very cool here lately and I would give anything to be able to wear jeans or leggings. I can wear loose sweatpants but I only wear those at home on occasion. But if it's the scar that's bothering you, try to...
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    Knee Infection* Alternatives to spacer & antibiotics<

    Love your granddaughters names!! Very cool! Too bad she wouldn't talk like Julia, as well. It would have made for a great presentation and hilarious . But given the age of her classmates I think the only one who would have found that funny was her teacher . You should video it while she is...
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    Revision TKR My Revision after a Loose Implant

    :yes!:. I hope that when I'm at your stage of recovery I will be able to do the same! I bet it felt great to shop again! :)
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    Knee Infection* Alternatives to spacer & antibiotics<

    I can so relate when it comes to cleaning or lack there of . Since my July surgery I have done as little as I can get away with . Unfortunately, I live alone so I have to do everything. I'm going to have to hire a cleaning service for a deep clean because I just can't do it . It's funny...
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    Knee Infection* Stage Two Revision Completed

    Wondering if anyone who has taken Lyrica can answer a question. Is it a medication that one has to be weaned off of? I can't call the Dr who prescribed it because he's no longer my Dr ( my first pain MGMT Dr) . I have about 8 days( taking 75 mg twice a day) left from the initial...
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    Knee Infection* Alternatives to spacer & antibiotics<

    Mine delivered perishables. But as far as fresh fruit I limited the kind I ordered because not everyone is as careful picking them as I am . That and meat, etc is something I like to shop for myself as you do sistersinhim.
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    Knee Infection* Alternatives to spacer & antibiotics<

    :yahoo: :yes!: Good for you!!!! I can so relate to the feeling you got stopping at the IGA . That is the one thing I really miss- grocery shopping. I've been having groceries delivered because I don't think my knee would be happy standing and walking for that long. Yes, freedom is a...
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    Knee Infection* Three surgeries to clean out infection

    @Josephine - LTAC= Long term acute care (facility).
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    Knee Infection* Three surgeries to clean out infection

    I thought that your insurance (Meficare) pays for the antibiotics NOT the facility in which they are administered ? Someone at these facilities appears to be giving you incorrect info. As they must keep lots of different medications on hand for their patients and I'm sure many are very...
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    TKR Continuing search for knee revision specialist in NYC

    Sometimes the best way to find an OS who is really good and specializes in revisions is by knowing someone who has had a good result from a particular Dr. That's how I found mine and so far, although it's really early in my recovery I'm very happy with the results. Not sure if you know anyone...
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    Revision TKR Rehab after TKR

    I went to a rehab center after my surgery to remove my implant due to infection because I live alone, was going to be far from home and my mother wbo lives near where my surgery was couldn't/didn't want to help me recover afterwards. I lasted barely 5 days. It was not a good experience and i...
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    Knee Infection* Alternatives to spacer & antibiotics<

    I don’t blame you for not wanting to keep your appt. I’ve cancelled many an appt since this whole journey started. Including PT and a few on the day of. I just didn’t care. If I didn’t feel well I didn’t do it. I hope you are not feeling guilty about cancelling. You have every right not to...


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