Knee Infection* Three surgeries to clean out infection

God bless you. Have you tried Prilosec? You can get it's generic almost anywhere OTC drugs are sold. It would be worth a try. Also, motion-sickness pills helped me more than Zofran.
Try taking the oral rifampin and IV at different ends of the day, then your stomach isn’t being assaulted by both at the same time. I took the rifampin in the morning with breakfast and the IV in the evening after dinner.
Did anyone take the antibiotics for less than 6 weeks? The infectious disease doctor has me on IV ampicillin & IV Avycaz & oral Rifampin. They’re spaced out 6 hours for ampicillin & 8 hours for Avycaz but I can only have IV Phenergen every 8 hours with Avycaz & Zofran with the Ampicillin.

I’m still nauseous with all this; didn’t eat at all yesterday because I felt so bad. The orthopedic doctor said he doesn’t think hardware is infected but they’re treating me as if it is, so I’m supposed to get this poison for 6 weeks.

I don’t think I can stand it, physically or mentally. All LTAC ‘s have denied me transferring because of the high cost of the antibiotics. I’m considering just going home & hoping for the best. This is the 6th time I’ve been through this and I can’t take it.
I’ll tag @Josephine for you, I can’t answer your question.
You’ve been through more than will ever be asked of most people, @Maisybo. Your courage and determination are inspirations to all of us. I wish I had words that could give you strength. You have had so much strength already, and I will pray that you find a little more—and that this time you defeat the infection once and for all!

Sustain your body as best you can. Nausea is misery, but maybe you can nibble enough nutrition to make it through. How much longer must you take these antibiotics? You say six weeks total.
I think Dec 19 is when the 6 weeks would end.
This hospital wants me out but so far all LTAC Hospitals have refused me to transfer.
I feel truly miserable
Are you working with the hospital’s social worker? You mentioned the cost of the antibiotics as being a factor. This is not an area I know much about, but the social worker should be able to find a facility that can help you. Is this treatment something you could do at home with visiting nurses, or an in-home nurse? I wish I knew more about alternative care options!
Medicare requires in home nursing and none of the facilities that do in home will accept me because of the cost of the antibiotics.

The place I was in earlier this year called Kindred will take me I think, but the aides and nurses were HORRIBLE and I don’t want to go through people treating me like that again; it was one of the worst experiences of my life.
I agree, don't go back to Kindred where you were treated so poorly.
I thought that your insurance (Meficare) pays for the antibiotics NOT the facility in which they are administered ? Someone at these facilities appears to be giving you incorrect info. As they must keep lots of different medications on hand for their patients and I'm sure many are very expensive . After my surgery to remove the implant I went to essentially a nursing home. Where I was given 2 types of antibiotics- IV - twice a day.

I know my health insurance paid for it when the nursing home submitted the bill for payment. And they are just as cheap as every other nursing home/SNF/rehab facility, I'm sure (except of course the really fancy ones where people go who can afford to foot the bill if their insurance doesn't) .

But for the antibiotics would you be able to go home? I administered the antibiotics at home for 6 weeks after being taught by a visiting nurse how to do it . In the beginning I was scared and didn't think I would ever learn but I did. Is this something you would be able to do if you went home? Won't Medicare pay for an in home nurse to come and assist for a period of time? Can your sister help with the IV if needed?

As others have mentioned I think you really need a patient advocate. Have you reached out to the social worker at the hospital as susieshoes suggested? I think they would be your best bet for help . Or does Medicare have a nurse case mgr on your case? My insurance Co does and she has helped me with certain things that I needed . I don't know if Medicare has nurses that manage your case and oversee your care . Maybe call Medicare and ask?

I'm so sorry that you are going through this, Maisybo . And I wish I could help you but I'm too far away .:sad:
I’m taking probiotics
But what type of probiotics are you taking?
The orthopedic doctor said he doesn’t think hardware is infected but they’re treating me as if it is, so I’m supposed to get this poison for 6 weeks.
They (and you) do need to do this. They could be judged incompetent if they didn't.
I don't know what this acronym means so I'm hampered!
I thought that your insurance (Medicare) pays for the antibiotics NOT the facility in which they are administered ?
That's what I thought. :scratch: But then I'm just a Brit!
A good probiotic is really important, it kept my stomach settled, not normal but settled. My ID suggested it as well as yogurt every day. I took my antibiotics for 6 weeks, it was supposed to be 8 but other complications arose.

You can do this, just take one hour, one day at a time.
LTAC=Long Term Acute Care

Now my blood pressure is too high fothe last week or so; it’s 189/90 now & they gave me Losartan & Metoprolol 3 hours ago......I feel terrible......a little short of breath.
I asked for a CT w/contrast last night because I was scared I had a pulmonary embolism since I have a history of them; CT was clear.
The nurse just gave me a Clonidine. They gave me a Clonidine last night & it had no effect on my blood pressure; it actually kept going up.
Should I ask for heart tests like an EKG?
I feel very scared!
Oh my, why don't you ask them to take you to the ER or urgent care. That BP shouldn't keep going up. I am going to tag @Josephine, our forum director and nurse to offer you some direction.
Ask for a cardiologist to evaluate you.
Hope they get your BP under control soon.

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