Donate: Joint Replacement Awareness Day®

Your generosity has kept BoneSmart® online and available to joint replacement patients needing a vital resource for education and support.Now, BoneSmart® is expanding its reach with Joint Replacement Awareness Day® (JRAD), a FREE public service educational web event taking place annually, the second one to be streamed live at on April 13, 2019. JRAD will bring together top experts in the orthopedic medical profession as well as fellow BoneSmarties who have experienced the benefits of joint replacement.

We are asking for support from individuals like yourself who have been inspired by BoneSmart® and want to see it continue to be a vital resource for others in need of this very successful surgery.

Every donation goes to support our mission of improving awareness of the benefits of joint replacement through patient-focused education that the Joint Replacement Awareness Day® program provides.

And as mentioned, this event is FREE so be sure to register and join us.

Because every step is important, make your next step a donation to Joint Replacement Awareness Day®.