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    Shoulder pain and surgery results questions

    Interesting... immobilized for first six weeks? due to them saying to not use it so it will heal I suppose and not from swelling,etc. ..6 weeks piece of cake .. then the sling which is on for 24/7? for six weeks ? comes off? and what kicked in for you to do or not do?
  2. truckinguy

    Shoulder pain and surgery results questions

    thank you for replying this forum doesn't move fast... How long did it take you before you were free to work the arm around.. you know like picking things up.. or cutting the grass etc. I had TKR's (one at a time) and not only was it painful the first couple of weeks or so I had to stay...
  3. truckinguy

    Shoulder pain and surgery results questions

    Thank you again.. I would be careful no doubt.. maybe there are certain ways of working it that are worse.. seems banging hard with a hammer all day every day I'm sure. Jerking it around hard... must be obvious as too what might hurt the joint or not.. I hope the surgeon does listen and gives a...
  4. truckinguy

    Shoulder pain and surgery results questions

    Thanks..sounds horrible on your end..glad you're ok ... My Knee surgeon told me I would have to retire from reupholstery business if I had shoulder replacement.. I can't and don't want to retire. The pain from the mid arm bicep area to my neck is tough..I have loose ROM due to the pain..I can't...
  5. truckinguy

    Shoulder pain and surgery results questions

    jugornot, thanks... What can you do or not do with the shoulder? You say "abuse" give me an example of that abuse?? My Knee surgeon who doesn't go shoulders told me I'd have to retire..
  6. truckinguy

    Shoulder pain and surgery results questions

    Rodeo is tough stuff.. so is running a ranch I bet..
  7. truckinguy

    Shoulder pain and surgery results questions

    I have bone on my right shoulder as of 2014 xrays.. lived with growing pain due to I was told I'd have to retire from work if I did the shoulder replacement. I can't do that.. I can wind down some by avoiding the heavy work. I'm a reupholster. It doesn't hurt when carrying a chair or...
  8. truckinguy

    TSR - December 5 - 2017

    How have you made out? been a while since Dec 5th
  9. truckinguy

    TKR Pheebs52 Recovery Discovery Journey May 22

    Good luck.. ..At 68 yrs old now ..Mine have been done now for 3 yrs and 5 yrs.. I hike now 9 miles and 2900 ft gain into the rugged mountain trails..bolders,steep gravel laden trails,roots and washouts,etc. love my new knees... I shouldn't of waited so long to do them.. Do your therapy and...
  10. truckinguy

    TKR 5 weeks post op and really anxious

    When they took me off blood thinner so I could take Alieve ..that made a big difference.. In just 2 days my swellin went down 50%.
  11. truckinguy

    TKR Round 2, RTKR, a new journey and hope

    I read that each operation or replacement is different some what. I agree. My second TKR was and is different. Both are fine now and I've been hiking many many miles up knees are the only things that don't hurt when I get down. :) Again it takes at least a year and if fact...
  12. truckinguy

    Revision TKR Totally recovered at last!

    You have to work at it to do this I believe. I can walk down stairs without baby stepping now easy. I worked at it. I've talked to folks my age who had TKR and can't. They didn't try or work at it. Rest your knee when sore with ice and rest. Then go back to life. I stopped therapy at 6 weeks...
  13. truckinguy

    Revision TKR Totally recovered at last!

    I got sick on meds. I backed off some and it helped. Doc changed med's after two weeks and that helped. It's tough the first few weeks. But it is so worth it believe me..Having my RTKR done 3 1/2 yrs ago. LTKR 1 1/2 yrs ago I can tell you it takes all of a year or more to get to that point of...
  14. truckinguy

    Bilateral TKR 3 months, is this normal?

    I'm at 13 weeks and can hike 5.5 miles with a 1100 ft gain in elevation on rocky ground. I still have swelling,etc. And when laying in bed and while curling up I sometimes will get a pinch that hurts big time. So I'm care full now in bed after working it out on a hike etc. Seems when it gets...
  15. truckinguy


    I'm at 11 weeks now. I still have swelling and pain. But I can walk and hike miles. I got out walking 3/4 mile a day early on at the 2 week point. They stopped PT at 6 weeks due to Medicare payments but one can do exercises at home. When they took me off of blood thinner he told me to take...

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