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    TKR Need advice please.

    I'm just over a year post-op and still only have flexion of about 105 (on a good day). I did 8 months of PT (my choice, I liked having access to the stationary bike and my therapist was incredible and worked with me well). I had an MUA at 3 and a half months because I was stuck around 70 for...
  2. Steelergal

    TKR Rockgirl4's Recovery---already full of surprises.

    @Rockgirl4 Again, THANK YOU for continuing to share your story of recovery. We're in a very similar boat with soft tissue. I only had about 80 degrees of bend for a few years prior to my TKR and my soft tissues are a hot mess. I told my OS at my 1-year appointment that I was hoping my lack of...
  3. Steelergal

    TKR Suggestions needed for “tight band” feeling

    @Stiff knee NC I've been catching up on your story and the other comments and I'm SO relieved to know I'm not the only one with these issues! I just hit my year milestone and I'm still experiencing a lot of stiffness, lousy ROM and extension, nerve pain, etc. I've been told I could have CRPS (by...
  4. Steelergal

    MUA Steelergal's Recovery Thread

    Hi @Poctdb, how are you doing? I haven’t tried acupuncture, but had a few sessions of dry needling at my PT office. I also tried cupping but that didn’t seem to make a difference. Unfortunately, the pandemic hit and i haven’t had any treatment since March. It’s definitely something I’ll think about.
  5. Steelergal

    Bilateral TKR Clothing or gear recommendations for recovery?

    I wore loose fitting men’s basketball-type shorts so nothing touched my scar for a few weeks. They were easy to slip on even when my leg was swollen. I also highly recommend a long handled razor adapter (check Amazon for the Giraffe razor handle). I loved mine! Good luck with your surgery!
  6. Steelergal

    MUA Steelergal's Recovery Thread

    Hi @Schaargi, I'm still doing my exercises (heel slides, wall slides, sit on the edge of a chair and scoot forward a bit, but leave my foot in place, etc.). None of that seems to make any difference for me. I'm also walking 3-5 miles a day and recently started using the elliptical (I'm hoping...
  7. Steelergal

    MUA Steelergal's Recovery Thread

    Since today is my 1-year anniversary, I figured I'd share a short update. I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy! There's really not much that's new, my knee is still being very stubborn and not wanting to bend past about 105 degrees. I'm still struggling to go down stairs (the only thing...
  8. Steelergal

    TKR < 40 - TKR Decision

    Hi @JeremiahD! As a relatively young TKR and THR patient, I agree, DO IT NOW! I definitely waited too long with my first hip replacement and was in constant pain. My recovery took quite a bit of time because my muscles were so tight. I didn't wait long for my second hip and the recovery was much...
  9. Steelergal

    TKR Rockgirl4's Recovery---already full of surprises.

    Hi @Rockgirl4, great to hear your update. And I'll echo the others who have chimed in about comparing. I'm coming up on 1 year in July with my left knee and it's still being SUCH A BRAT. My ROM still sucks, the nerves growing back are causing pain and sensitivity, I can't walk down stairs foot...
  10. Steelergal

    MUA Steelergal's Recovery Thread

    Hi @Celle! Yes, I've seen this a few times. And it's encouraging, but way different from my experience. I wasn't even close to 92 degrees until almost 4 months post-op and after an MUA. And then I've SLOWLY gotten a bit better, but now at 10 months, I am only at roughly 105 (where she was at 10...
  11. Steelergal

    MUA Steelergal's Recovery Thread

    Hey @FitGal! Glad to hear you're doing well! Thanks for reaching out! I'm hanging in there. I guess this is a 10-month update for me too! :) No joint pain and getting stronger (I'm walking about 4 miles a day), but I'm still have issues with ROM. I can do most things, but walking down stairs...
  12. Steelergal

    MUA Steelergal's Recovery Thread

    Aw, thanks @Peaches0000! That’s very kind of you. I certainly don’t often feel like I’m handling this recovery well, but i really have no choice but to keep going. We are all in this together and it’s so much better to know there are so many others who know what we’re going through. Now if i...
  13. Steelergal

    MUA Steelergal's Recovery Thread

    Thanks everyone, I found some clippers that have a bit of a longer handle so I'll try those. I can pull out my shower stool and see if I can manage it there. I've reached out to a few friends who are in the salon business to see if they know of any out-of-work nail techs who might want some...
  14. Steelergal

    MUA Steelergal's Recovery Thread

    Hi everyone, i hope you’re all staying safe and healthy! I need some tips. Since my flexibility is still pretty lousy, I’m wondering how I’m going to cut my toenails now that nail salons aren’t open. I don’t have a spouse or family member close by that I can ask for help. Are there adaptable...
  15. Steelergal

    MUA Steelergal's Recovery Thread

    @luvcats I’m glad to know your surgeon said that about stairs. Right now i feel like such a failure because i can’t quite do it yet. One therapist (not my main one thankfully) said “if you can ride the bike that easily you should have no problem with stairs”. Those are two totally different things!


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