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    TKR New Knee journey to new me

    Hi all Well I am bang in the middle of week 5 and I am sooooo frustrated! I’m getting sharp shock pains that literally last a second but cor blimy they hurt - tend to be from behind the knee cap. I also have tendon/ligament pain on the inner rear of knee The to top it off I’m getting restless...
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    TKR New Knee journey to new me

    Indeed and exactly what I am doing right now - I expect ups and downs so taking it as a rest day
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    TKR New Knee journey to new me

    Day31 So I had a brilliant day 29 & 30 - was walking unaided round garden with gait and the knee was happy. Nothing to strenuous and lots of relaxing in the gArden lounger which made a nice change. a great nights sleep - 8 hours continuously which is a first and wonderful. Today however the...
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    TKR Gunu_21's Recovery Thread

    I couldn’t lift my leg for a while after then one day I got onto the sofa and lifted it without realising- give it time - my knee gives me new surprises everyday ! Xx
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    TKR My Journey

    That sounds brilliant - I am imagining a very funny walk through the store . i make sure I wear shorts when I’m outso everyone sees the scar and gives me space. min the garden and round the house I exaggerate every step too. themetallic feeling is wierd but I’m sure it will go like you say /...
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    TKR My Journey

    Sound fantastic - I’m just at 4 week mark and starting to get bone aches which are more annoying than the post op pain !!! I too am sit to stand - we call PT puppy training as he is rehab in sit stand and walk . I realised my limitation today after a trip to the super market - knee was not...
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    TKR Pain in posterior upper thigh when walking

    Yes !!!! I had this !! so what helped me was 3 things - and all based about a deeper stretch of The hamstrings 1 - sat on a firm area legs outfraught - Touch toes for 15 seconds then release - shake the knee if you need to then repeat - hold for longer if you can and you will feel the stretch...
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    TKR Sleep issues

    I concentrated on gentle stretches of quads and hamstrings and calf for the first 4 weeks and am only now moving onto strengthening but again very gentle - I found the more stretch the better the pain relief - gently waking those muscles etc is so important - imagine being asleep for ages and...
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    TKR Increased pain 4+ Weeks post op

    Wow sounds like you are doing amazing !
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    TKR TKR 15th May

    I’m near to you too - finding things okay but the bone ache startedyesterday - something new to add to the list
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    TKR TKR 15th May

    I’ve been in my garden doing gentle bits
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    TKR New Knee journey to new me

    Hi all tomorrow marks 28 days (4 weeks) - I’ve ditched the crutches as they were more cumbersome than help - though I do keep them in the car in case I go out for longer than 30 mins. physio today was pleased - swelling right down and ROM etc fab - walking well. Moving from stretches to gentle...
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    TKR New Knee journey to new me

    Evening all - day 22 Progress is going well though I think I’ve overdone it today as pain in front of calf (tibea region) is a little more than normal. also a sciatic type pain in right hip/ buttock - not too bad but annoying ! swelling okay - left ankle still swollen for some wierd reason -...
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    TKR TKR 15th May

    Hi - I had my right knee done the day before you xx
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    TKR Flutter1’s BoneSmart Success

    Keep doing what you are doing and give it time - sounds like you are in total control and that’s good - just miss a few outpatient appointment ms to give the swelling time to go down


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