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    THR Finally On The Recovery Side

    So glad you’re doing great! Make sure they bring you that ice!!! I couldn’t believe how much it helps! The best advice in the beginning was, ice, ice ice... stay ahead of the pain and lots of rest. :ice:
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    THR Nerve Damage with Anterior Approach

    Hi Al, I definitely agree with Jaycey, finding the right surgeon is key and there are a lot of things the surgeons consider for what type of procedure you even qualify for. I did mine as outpatient and didn’t even know that was an option!!! I had the anterior hip replacement with robotic assist...
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    THR Finally On The Recovery Side

    Best of luck! It will go great and you’ll be so glad when you have no pain in your hip!
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    THR Outpatient Surgery

    Hi! I had outpatient THR in February. It went very well and being at home was so great! I was grateful to sleep in my own bed and be with my family. I will say the first few days are pretty rough (as you said... definitely feeling like being hit by a truck!!), so I don’t know if I’d be up for...
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    THR Left THR

    Hey! I am so glad you’re doing so well and getting good time with your family! That is awesome! I do find it amazing how different OS are... mine said I had no restrictions. With the anterior the main thing he said to watch was not bringing my leg too far behind me because of the incision in the...
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    THR I Have a Winner.

    Hi! Seems like you’ve gotten some great advice! I am 8 weeks out from my first hip replacement and have the second scheduled May 17th! You’ll do great! I had a lot of anxiety before surgery (especially never having surgery before), I found a great meditation app and they had one that was to help...
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    THR Woohoo! Let the healing begin!!

    I was surprised the first time I did the stairs how well it actually went I was really nervous, I was right about 9 days out when I tackled that too! It was way better than how my mind had it playing out! Take your time and just make sure to rest and ice afterwards. Hope it goes great!
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    THR Left THR

    So glad you’re doing so well! Keep it up! :happydance:
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    THR Woohoo! Let the healing begin!!

    So glad today is going better! I am a mom of two kiddos and am about 7 weeks out from RTHR. the support from everyone on here got me thru the tuff times. They all have such great advice... taking meds on a schedule, ice like crazy and let yourself rest and recover (which can be hard when you...
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    THR Woohoo! Let the healing begin!!

    Hi! Hang in there it will get better! The first week is tough, lots of ups and downs, but you got this! Hoping you get to go home with your kiddos today!
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    THR Post Op THR

    Congrats! Welcome to the other side! I am 6 weeks out from THR and it’s going great. Just reminder to ice very often, elevate and rest! This saved me in the first week. :ice:
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    THR RTHR At home and doing well

    Thank you for sending, I’ll definitely read it! It was planned to make my right longer because they are replacing the left in a couple of months. My OS said it would be noticeably different in length, but he will even them up on the next surgery.
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    THR RTHR At home and doing well

    Interesting about the heal shoe lift, both my OS and PT recommended it since there is a big difference in leg length. Said it would help till I got my left hip replaced and then they’d be more even, but most the time I am in bare feet at home.
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    THR RTHR At home and doing well

    Thank you! I did get new shoes and a lift since I have a pretty good leg length difference. My gait seems to be really good without the cane, I really concentrate on walking properly and do not currently have limp, but the deep discomfort in my leg I really don’t like, I think I’ll ease up on...
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    THR RTHR At home and doing well

    Hi! Couple of questions, when I walk without my cane (doing this small chunks in the day) with full weight bearing, the best way to describe it is like a deep ache/discomfort and feels like it’s in the bone or deep muscles. The more I walk the stronger it gets. It does lessen quite a bit when I...


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