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    My Knee Guide - iPhone App To Help with Your Surgery Planning

    Its still there. If you are accessing the app store from an iPad then you may need to specify that you are looking for an iPhone app (although the app works on the iPad as well). We actually will have an update coming out to the app in the next week or two to fix some bugs including routine...
  2. Orthodoc

    Revision TKR Here I go again!<<.

    Jordon, Thanks for taking me in the private message to come review this thread. This sure is a quite a difficult problem for you. Sorry to hear that you're going through this. Just to review, you had your surgery in September 2015 and underwent a manipulation under anesthesia which sounds at...
  3. Orthodoc

    Hip Infection 2 Stage THR with Temp Spacer - Recovery

    I am sorry to hear about your problem. It's true that this is an usual sequence of procedures, yet not totally unreasonable. Let's assume that the hip was infected following the arthroscopy (I do not have enough data to say that for sure). Typically the treatment for that situation is to...
  4. Orthodoc

    TKR Crunch & Munch

    I would start by seeing your original ortho since you have an appointment already. He/she can take x-rays to make sure the components are still in good position. Based in your description, its possible you are developing some scar tissue that is creating an impingement. However, it will likely...
  5. Orthodoc

    ACL & Meniscus tear surgery

    The bucket handle meniscal tear is very concerning. Yes, it can prevent full extension of the knee. The longer you wait for treatment, the more the meniscus may get "beat up" because of its displaced position. Sometimes a bucket handle meniscus can be repaired which gives the best long term...
  6. Orthodoc

    Revision TKR 2 knee replacements in 6 months same knee..Help

    Sorry to hear about your troubles. Do you have any x-rays to see? Orthodoc
  7. Orthodoc

    Looking for OS in Florida Who Will Operate on Obese Patients

    Actually, in Florida, there is such a website: Click on Total Hip or Total Knee. The volume numbers are about 1 year old, but still useful. Orthodoc
  8. Orthodoc

    TKR Everything Comes to She Who Waits

    It is unlikely that the MRI scan would cause any permanent damage to the total knee prosthesis. Yes, the magnet is strong, but we image patients frequently who have total knees (for other body parts as well). A knee replacement is not a contra-indication for an MRI. Orthodoc
  9. Orthodoc

    TKR 6 mos: Great knee, bad quad

    This is a difficult problem. Frequently nerve damage can take a very long time to recover; however, 3 years seems to an adequate enough time. If the ongoing weakness is related to the HNP, thus effecting the femoral nerve, then it is possible that the weakness could be permanent. Your back...
  10. Orthodoc

    Revision TKR Would like advice please, I think knee has moved

    This is not a complete report. I also have not reviewed the images and this opinion is informational only and may not be totally applicable to your situation. I can provide some thoughts, however. It states the the tibia is externally rotated with respect to the femur. This usually happens...
  11. Orthodoc

    TKR 6 mos: Great knee, bad quad

    Was the femoral nerve injury from a regional block? Orthodoc
  12. Orthodoc

    TKR Post-surgery exercises

    I would recommend a non-impact regimen, such as bicycling. Orthodoc
  13. Orthodoc

    TKR (serious) Weightlifting post-op

    Jo, Thank you for tagging me in this post. I have sent you an e-mail with some information that may be useful for this user. Have a wonderful day. Orthodoc
  14. Orthodoc

    Anyone had IT band surgery?

    Releasing the IT band is not a common surgery. I think that the most important issue here is to truly make sure that the IT band is the "pain generator." There are other conditions that can lead to ITB tendinitis. You said that the injections did not help. Did they help at all for any period...
  15. Orthodoc

    TKR No change in 15 deg Extension for 11 weeks since surgery

    Jo, That is true that we typically do not manipulate knees that are > 100 degrees. Although, some exceptions can apply. Orthodoc


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