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  1. newlybionic

    TKR Mudge - Having Doubts

    Hi and welcome. Here is some pre op reading for you. New BoneSmart members like you are in various stages of their journey to joint replacement. Making the decision whether or not to have surgery and preparing for surgery can be easier once you have done your research and know what lies...
  2. newlybionic

    TKR I'm BACK!!

    Hi Suz! I'm glad to see you're back. It hope the next surgery goes well for you.
  3. newlybionic

    Bilateral TKR Adjustable bed?

    I used a hospital bed after my last surgery. I found it was helpful to me after that surgery. With my prior surgeries I found that I was more comfortable sleeping in my recliner for several weeks afterwards and then did just fine in a regular bed.
  4. newlybionic

    TKR 2 months post op

    Hot compresses to your knee would just bring more fluid into the area and cause the swelling to increase. Ice is what is needed for the foreseeable future.
  5. newlybionic

    Knee Infection* Infection next phase

    :yes!:That’s great news!
  6. newlybionic

    TKR Toni Lee Recovery Thread

    If the physical therapist keeps pushing at your knee when you told her to stop that would be assault which is a crime! You don’t need that sort of ‘therapy’ to continue as it is of no help to you. I hope your visit with your OS this week goes well and you can get your medications set up so...
  7. newlybionic

    Knee Infection* Right knee has been replaced

    when I had seen my OS the last time he basically said it is what it is and just get used of my knee the way it is.
  8. newlybionic

    TKR Toni Lee Recovery Thread

    I'm glad that adding Tylenol has helped with your pain. Just be sure you are not taking any more than 4,000mg a day total. Make sure that any of your other meds do not contain acetaminophen (Tylenol) and put you over that limit.
  9. newlybionic

    TKR Sondrals’ recovery

    Hang in there. Your ultrasound is coming up on a couple of weeks and hopefully you get the go ahead for your right knee to be replaced. I know it's hard waiting but the time will hopefully go by quickly for you.
  10. newlybionic

    Knee Infection* Right knee has been replaced

    Some of the stiffness in my left knee is finally starting to get better even after all this time after my revision. I don't know my measurements for ROM but it seems to be getting better by the week. Then I have my right knee which stays as stiff as it has been and can't get much past 90...
  11. newlybionic

    TKR Aug 20 hard work.

    You’re right that everyone is different. All of our knees were at different degrees of disrepair prior to our TKRs. The swelling should slowly be going down as long as you are icing and elevating and not doing too much with your new knee. Walking is fine. If you notice your swelling...
  12. newlybionic

    TKR Terry's knee story

    That’s great that your ROM has grown. As the swelling continues to go down your ROM will continue to improve.
  13. newlybionic

    MUA ACL Allograft and Meniscus Repair

    I had a PT do a manipulation on my knee after my first TKR. He put his full weight on my leg and forced it to bend. I cried and he just continued. Unfortunately I had not found this forum before that happened. I let him do it and didn’t think I had the right to stop him. I know better now.
  14. newlybionic

    Knee Infection* Infection next phase

    Your knee will stay warmer than the other even if it’s just from swelling. I hope your blood work begins to drop again and your infection clears soon.
  15. newlybionic

    TKR November 8, 2019 Right TKR

    Good luck with your upcoming surgery!

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