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    MUA knee so stiff<<

    I hope you can see a revision specialist. They are used to seeing problem knees and can give you an idea what needs to be done to fix your knee.
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    Revision TKR Third time’s the charm

    That’s the end of this story. Much less pain this time, greater ROM and a happier ending. May everyone who comes across this story have a successful recovery. If something is not right continue to fight until an OS listens to you and find a good revision OS to fix your problems. I wouldn’t...
  3. newlybionic

    Revision TKR Third time’s the charm

    My OS was very happy with my knee especially when I told him I had gotten to 118 degrees flexion. He checked both knees and he told me they are very solid. I am to come back in 9 months for my yearly checkup. He thanked me for having the confidence in him and his staff to allow him to continue...
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    Revision TKR Third time’s the charm

    I made it through my first week. Tomorrow I go see my OS for my 3 month checkup. I hope he is happy with my progress. My ROM has decreased this week due to the swelling in my knee. I’m keeping my knee elevated today and will break out some ice packs when I know that I don’t have to get up to...
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    Revision TKR Third time’s the charm

    There is no place for me to be able to ice my knee. The only guaranteed time to sit is a very quick 30 minute lunch break. My main problem is that my knee swells up a lot while I’m at work. I’m either standing or sitting for brief moments now and again. I’m home now (Thursday afternoon)...
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    TKR Recovering and Starting Over

    Every recovery is different even for the same person. Don’t let anyone put a weight on your thigh. That’s just going to bring on pain. Heel slides are ok but only if done under your power. No straps to pull on and never let a PT push on your leg. Continue what you’re doing with the icing...
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    Revision TKR Third time’s the charm

    I can’t get off anymore time. I’m just going to suck it up and continue to go to work. Most of the swelling has gone down. I’m very lucky that they gave me off today. I work 4 days one week and three days the next week. This is a four day week.
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    Revision TKR Third time’s the charm

    It was worse than anticipated! I couldn’t remember how to chart. There were new sections and I had problems with them. My back decided to hurt as well as my knee. It is swollen so much I just barely got my pants leg on. It’s at least 3 times larger than norm. I have an ice wrap on. I also...
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    Revision TKR Third time’s the charm

    I’m due back at work tomorrow morning. I’m so nervous about going back. I have been having problems with sleeping at night. I doubt I will get very much tonight. I’m lucky that my schedule has me off on Tuesday. I just want to make it through until then.wish me luck! I’m going to try to...
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    TKR Recovering and Starting Over

    I’m glad to hear this knee is doing better than your first knee. I hope everything keeps going along smoothly.
  11. newlybionic

    TKR Recovering and Starting Over

    :yes!: You’ve got a brand new knee!
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    Revision TKR Facing 3rd revision - Help

    I hope that the OS can solve your problems.
  13. newlybionic

    Revision TKR Third time’s the charm

    I have one more PT session left this Friday. We have been working on strengthening my legs. It’s a lot of hard work. I have also learned to go down steps like an adult. I haven’t been able to do that for years. I’m still a little nervous on the steps but I can do it. Going up I have no...
  14. newlybionic

    TKR Recovering and Starting Over

    Good luck with your surgery. Soon you will have 2 shiny knees.
  15. newlybionic

    TKR 4 days Post Op TKR

    :welome: To the other side. Try to elevate and ice your leg as much as possible. That will help bring down the swelling, help with pain and your leg will begin to feel a little more normal. Are you taking aspirin as a blood thinner? If you are taking another blood thinner I would suggest that...


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