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Recent content by Naomi60

  1. Naomi60

    TKR Hamstring pain on non operated leg

    Hello everyone. It's been about a year and a half since my RTKR. I will probably need a replacement of my left knee at some point but with exercise and weight training I have been able to manage. However I have hamstring pain in my left (non operated) leg which recently became excruciating...
  2. Naomi60

    TKR Glamg1979 Has a Brand New Left Knee!!

    Congrats on your knee. I know if I get my other knee done I will definitely not do a thing for about 10 days to 2 weeks. Sit tight, medicate and try to sleep. You know the drill. Don't even think about expectations right now. Expectations and drugs make one crazy, haha! Hang in there, you are...
  3. Naomi60

    TKR Im losing my confidence

    Hello, this is my 5 month update. My ROM is about 112, extension is 0. I continue PT on my own. I am walking a mile each day in addition to my daily activities. I ride my recumbent bike and continue to do the exercise described above for increasing ROM. And I'm going to Cuba in 6 weeks. I will...
  4. Naomi60

    TKR Im losing my confidence

    @Timetolive Greetings, the exercise for extension was this: sitting up on the bed with my legs straight out in front of me, my husband would push down on my thigh, just above my knee and lift my ankle with his other hand to stretch out the muscles and ligaments at the back of my knee. It was...
  5. Naomi60

    TKR Im losing my confidence

    Update on my TKR Oct 27, 2015. Last time I mentioned that I had made no progress in my extension (+5) and my ROM (105) from week 8 to week 16. That was two weeks ago. In that time, my husband has helped me do one extension exercise and one knee bender. We do 3-5 of these each several times a...
  6. Naomi60

    TKR Im losing my confidence

    Thanks everyone for the advice and encouragement. @Denmother I read your thread and you certainly did take some heat for all your activity so early in your recovery. How are you doing now? What is your ROM? I am just continuing with one exercise for extension and one for flexion. In addition, I...
  7. Naomi60

    Shaken75 Recovery ACL Replacement 12/9/15

    @shaken75 my friend was receptive to the fact that I was hurt by her in attention and she vowed to be a better friend and she is now living up to it. I have found that I'm just more matter of fact with people in telling them some of the things I have learned about myself, specifically that I...
  8. Naomi60

    TKR Im losing my confidence

    Here is my latest update, surgery was October 27, 2015 so I am 16 weeks today. My ROM is still 105 and my extension is still +5. I have had no improvement really in the last two months. I have gone from doing a lot of exercises to doing none. I'm trying to find that balance where I will see some...
  9. Naomi60

    Depression/post-op blues

    @BB57 you are indeed in the dark days. I am now 3 1/2 months out and I am still so perplexed at what happened to me during that time. Between the medication, the trauma, our own expectations and yes, sometimes negligence on the part of the medical community, we feel alone and scared and worried...
  10. Naomi60

    Depression/post-op blues

    @XKV8R - It's interesting because the way you are feeling is how I feel as well. I've been so bored, I feel like such an old woman, THAT thought makes me panic and I wonder if I will ever feel normal again. But I can tell you this, for me a fog lifted at 8 weeks where I at least felt like me...
  11. Naomi60

    Depression/post-op blues

    Who needs therapy when I have you all . I actually kept that thought in my head, reminding myself this was a temporary situation and to just take it easy. I actually took a short nap which is very unusual for me. Today, after a week of no exercise, I started back. I did one exercise to work on...
  12. Naomi60

    Depression/post-op blues

    @Glamg1979 thanks for your thoughts. I need my other knee done as well and can't even consider it at this point. The doctors office just happened to calla few minutes ago and I happened to mention how stiff my knee still is and the nurse says "well are you doing your exercises? It's going to...
  13. Naomi60

    Depression/post-op blues

    Hello fellow travelers, tonight I was hesitant to type in the word "depression" in the search bar for fear I would become even more depressed. This thread is very timely. I am 12 weeks post op tomorrow and this discussion couldn't come at a better time. I am still crying everyday, tonight I am...

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