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    TKR Was I right to cancel my MUA?

    So at this point what exercises if any do you think would be beneficial? My knee does not appear to like anything which is frustrating. I’m afraid to take any NSAIDS as my last labs showed some possible kidney damage from them. But I still have pain. Tylenol doesn’t really help much. Ice...
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    TKR Was I right to cancel my MUA?

    Can you change my title to “Please reassure me canceling my MUA was the right thing to do” After seeing the PA today I was surprised that they would still go ahead with the procedure on Monday. For one I was 107 at PT on Monday. He thought I was still around 90 +. But maybe I was stiff. He...
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    TKR Was I right to cancel my MUA?

    Irongirl56. Thanks for your reply that is great news. I saw the PA today and got my labs from just before my surgery and and after and they were in normal range. So I’m encouraged that it was probably the NSAIDS. Besides ibuprofen I also took Celebrex but not at the same time. I have decided...
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    TKR Was I right to cancel my MUA?

    Well back from vacation. It was ruff on my poor knee. Las Vegas is a lot of walking. 16,000 steps on one of the days, at least 12,000 on the other two and of course my leg swelled as it was also 104-108 degrees. The other one did too just not as much. Fortunately once we got to California I...
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    TKR Was I right to cancel my MUA?

    Yeah they just said will recheck in 6 months. Kind of unacceptable to me. I will change what I can with diet but want it rechecked sooner. Really don’t want to fool around with my kidneys.
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    TKR Was I right to cancel my MUA?

    Irongirl55 I’m so glad you answered as seems we have some similar issues. I too am hoping it’s just a fluke. I have followed more of a low carb diet for years to keep my weight down so hopefully by reducing meat and sodium and increasing fruits my levels will decrease. I was reading they...
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    TKR Was I right to cancel my MUA?

    I’ve been getting mild vertigo and balance issues lately so had some labs done. I possibly have Meniere’s Disease. Had a possible attack 3 years ago and nothing since till possibly now. My labs prior to my LTKR all normal. I don’t have high blood pressure or diabetes. So was surprised when...
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    Bilateral TKR Anxious about upcoming MUA

    Well I’m now stuck at about 102. Having more pain but I’ve also been walking a lot more. I’m nearing 14 weeks PO. Not elevating or icing as much just so busy lately. Leaving for vacation Sunday so will be interesting to see how things go. I’m actually just trying to live my life and forget...
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    TKR Ma Dudd’s ongoing rtkr rollercoaster

    I am 12 weeks out and if I slide my knee down a wall I can get to 100-105, sliding my leg back on a flat surface only about 80. It can be frustrating but I am improving so as long as I’m getting some improvement that’s a win as I had no improvement my first 8 wks I think. I apparently heal...
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    TKR Recovery

    When I had my stitches out I told them my PT was too aggressive and I wanted a more gentle approach. My leg was really swelling and painful. So I left where I was at found someone who just massages my leg and does lymphatic drainage. I would call around and find someone who does lymphatic...
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    TKR Was I right to cancel my MUA?

    Giant Finnegan, I’m not sure what type of tape. It is tan but I assume some type of athletic tape that trainers use support injuries. I can ask but don’t see her again until Monday.
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    TKR Dr Mirkin Recants RICE

    One day I got scared I was icing too much. Probably about 3 wks out. My thought maybe it can’t heal as fast. So I decided to stop. Wow, I was in so much pain within about 3 hours I quickly got out my ice pack, lol.
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    TKR Was I right to cancel my MUA?

    So today I went to PT today and she showed me some new stretches to do, nothing crazy, massaged my leg then she said I want to tape it. Said it helps with moving the facia so it can drain the fluid better. Well I don’t know if it was that or just time but later I noticed it was bending better...
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    Bilateral TKR Anxious about upcoming MUA

    I am in a similar sitauation. I am scheduled for MUA Sept. 1. My LTKR was April 26 so almost 12 weeks out. However, this past week I am starting to see some improvements. In fact just now I would guess I might be about 95. My PT taped my leg today for additional help with swelling not sure...
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    TKR Arrangrls RKR Journey

    So very sorry, that’s so hard. Prayers for comfort!


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