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  1. luvsibes

    THR Hopefully Hippy Recovery

    Merry Christmas Surrey Girl! We are post op grads of about the same time and your note just popped up today. It's nice to hear from you. I'm now about 1 1/2 year post and feel about 20 years younger with the new hip. I still have some muscle tightness around the new joint that even being back...
  2. luvsibes

    THR Home and Feeling Great!

    I got back on-line here after a notice about another member so thought I'd do a quick post. Everything went smoothly at LAX and MCI airports. I didn't beep or need my letter about my hip. Hubs, however, had to go through a couple of times due to glasses in his pocket he forgot to remove! LOL...
  3. luvsibes

    THR Home and Feeling Great!

    Thanks @Layla We'll see what happens at LAX. I'll be early and prepared but hope it goes easily. It's a very busy airport with a lot of security. Yes, it's a 50th - class of '69! Thanks for the compliment! All is going well and I feel so much better than pre-op. I'll never wait 4 years of...
  4. luvsibes

    THR Home and Feeling Great!

    Thank you @Jaycey
  5. luvsibes

    THR Home and Feeling Great!

    Hello Hippie Friends, Has anyone traveled by air in the US with their new prothesis? I have a letter from my doctor stating I have metal in my hip due to THR. I'm just wondering if anyone has flown and if you did set off the metal detectors. I'm heading to a 50th High School reunion in the...
  6. luvsibes

    THR Home and Feeling Great!

    Thanks @dogchick I hope you are doing well!
  7. luvsibes

    THR Home and Feeling Great!

    Thanks @Layla and @Mojo333 Yes, 1 yr. post-THR!!! I feel 20 years younger!!! One year ago today, I limped in to Cedars Sinai to begin this journey and end 4 years of pain, warm water exercise, adapted yoga, pain meds and limited walking and activity! The day prior, Hubby wheeled me in a...
  8. luvsibes

    THR Dogchick's Hippy Recovery Adventure

    Great to hear from you @dogchick It's wonderful to see you and Chocolate Monster out hiking those beautiful trails! Togo is glad, too, to have his mom back walking with him! I can even be pulled for the daily squirrel chase in the park. I'm so grateful for my new hip! Enjoy the upcoming...
  9. luvsibes

    THR Cassidy's hopalong recovery<

    Hello @Cassidy Congrats on your good recovery and hubbie's too. You had quite a journey! I've returned to doing yoga on a mat and am back teaching my chair yoga. I recommend this book by Charlotte Bell who herself has had THR...
  10. luvsibes

    THR Home and Feeling Great!

    Thanks @alexthecat I've danced at weddings with no issue so I'm ready to try different exercises!
  11. luvsibes

    Bilateral THR Made it!!

    Hello @stellaluna I am doing a quick check-in on my hippy buddies as I approach 11 months next week! I'm doing well, back at yoga on a mat and ready to tackle some gym work next month (slowly and gradually!). I send sympathies on the passing of your MIL. Our 98y.o. aunt passed at new years and...
  12. luvsibes

    THR Dogchick's Hippy Recovery Adventure

    Keep up the good work, @dogchick Togo has been a good rehab partner for me as I regained strength and ROM. I can now walk him alone and to the park and endure the endless tugging to chase a squirrel! I still have mild nerve pain (I guess that's what it is as my joint and mobility are fine) in...
  13. luvsibes

    THR Home and Feeling Great!

    Hello dear @Layla . Thank you for the nice note! I did pop on the site a couple of days ago as I got a notification of an update from one of my hippy sisters. It is hard to believe that it's coming up on 11 months! I am amazed at how quickly the year went by but it was a bit of a lost year as...
  14. luvsibes

    THR 1st Surgery has 2nd Surgery

    Great to hear from you @1stSurgery - our left hips are twins as we did them about the same time. I'm always so impressed with all of you hippies that did both within the year! Congrats on your healing progress. I was falling prior to surgery but haven't thought much about it now at almost 9...
  15. luvsibes

    THR Home and Feeling Great!

    Hi @SurreyGirl Hi @Debru4 Thanks for the notes and kudos! Hang in with your pacing yourself and taking it cautiously. My doc said to give it a year and to remain "scared" in the sense of cautious. Around 5 months, I began to feel steady on my feet, confident in my stride and able to have the...

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