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  1. lopat

    TKR RAD's recovery thread

    Happy AnnKneeversary everyone. Haven’t been around as much. Mom/s broken leg has sure helped my recovery along! I saw my OS just before my Disney trip. He won’t see me again till January. My Right knee is already in The rotation to be done. It is still stronger than my new one but it does bark...
  2. lopat

    TKR Just a little support...

    Thank you @Zommom, I concede I'm very lucky.
  3. lopat

    TKR Coming up on 5 months post TKR ~ still with pain when WB

    @fenway09 I'm so sorry to hear you’re still in pain. I was afraid that was the case when you hadn’t posted in awhile. Do you think it might be time to get a second opinion? I don’t know you’re whole history but it just seems like there's A problem that hasn’t been addressed.
  4. lopat

    TKR Just a little support...

    So, I’m back from Disney. Great trip. Learned a few things. I walked roughly 10,000 steps a day. On the day of the challenge my friend and I rode 26 out of 45 ride. She walked over 40,000 steps. I rode most of the. It still walked almost 8,000. We made over 100.00 for GKTWVillage. On Thursday I...
  5. lopat

    TKR Just a little support...

    Supposed to be heat index of 106 today and 107 tomorrow. I agree about you continuing on at PT. NOT because you’re not very far, but because you have a big trip coming up. Lolol. It was like saying goodbye to family yesterday.
  6. lopat

    TKR Just a little support...

    Well, I said goodbye yesterday to my PTs. They’ve been so supportive I hated leaving them. My ROM is 125. Still can’t quite get my leg flat, but I blame my calves. I’m off to Disney World on Tuesday. Plan on attempting as many rides as I can in 1 day for charity (Give Kids The World Village) My...
  7. lopat

    TKR RAD's recovery thread

    I bought some for my mom on the trip back. I don’t think they get as cold as good old fashioned ice but they’ll do when there’s nothing else to be had.
  8. lopat

    TKR Just a little support...

    Happy AnnKNEEversary! So, any truth to weather changes making knee ache/hurt? Knee has been fine till Sunday night and we’re back to rolling around in the bed, not comfortable, and bits of pain during the day. Oh, it’s better today but just curious. Anyone have experience?
  9. lopat

    TKR Just a little support...

    While I wouldn’t necessarily want to do the other knee,(in the schedule with left hip) I could do it now. Keeping fingers crossed for you.
  10. lopat

    TKR Just a little support...

    @Rockgirl4 i was dreading the trip. My knee did yell at me on the trip down. It was red and swelled. I iced it the first 2 day. Wednesday when I started driving, I guess it just gave up. IMO, I had 2 milestones. 10 days and I weeks. Between those 2 there was progress but so much more at those 2...
  11. lopat

    TKR Rockgirl4's Recovery---already full of surprises.

    Thank god I don’t have to do that anymore. What I will tell you (have raised and shown dogs for 30+ years) after a female has had anesthesia, they will usually skip a heat cycle and they’ll blow coat. I kind of had a coatblow myself. So I’d say, odd are good for that being you’re reason. Nancy
  12. lopat

    TKR POCTDB recovery thread

    @Poctdb you are a rockstar! Sounds like you’re quite a chip off the old block. (Sorry, best I could come up with on short notice)
  13. lopat

    TKR Just a little support...

    So funny thing happened in NC (not). My 82 year old mother tripped while trying to step over a baby gate. Landed on her right knee. I tried twice to get her up, it hurt too much. Convinced her to let me call 911. They took her to hospital. She has a straight line fracture of her right tibia...
  14. lopat

    TKR Just a little support...

    Made it to NC in good time, especially given it was Sunday on 4th of July weekend. I drove about 3 hours (for some reason, driver’s seat is more comfortable than passenger seat. Could it be I’m just a control freak?) when in the passenger seat, I kept my foot elevated on my handy dandy...
  15. lopat

    TKR Survivor Diaries

    @Benay, that’s me exactly. Unless, I walked 20,000 steps, (which I do do at WDW) you wouldn’t have known by looking. When OS suggested shots, I asked, am I gonna need surgery in a couple of years? He said, yes. I said let’s do it now while I’m still so active. Best thing I’ve done for me...

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