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    TKR Total Left Knee Replacement - This hurts!!!!

    I told the PT's to stop pushing on my knee after I found this forum, saw the prevailing thought here, and it made sense to me. A few weeks later, I stopped PT entirely. At my next visit with my surgeon, he had heard that I wasn't getting along with the PT's (both the surgeon and the PT are the...
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    TKR 8 months post TKR...looking back

    Thought I would check-in again now that I'm a year (+1 month) post surgery. Things are going very well. I was fortunate enough to retire following my surgery so I've had the last 13 months to focus on getting stronger and fitter. Which was much-needed, given that my job involved a 5-hour round...
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    TKR 8 months post TKR...looking back

    I agree. At 4 months the progress seems very slow, but you are getting there!
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    TKR 8 months post TKR...looking back

    Sorry, second response to you but I just remembered something else that irritated me about the professional PT's. They cause undo worry if your range of motion hasn't progressed in accordance with their arbitrary schedule. They actually brought up the possibility of MUA with me if I didn't get...
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    TKR 8 months post TKR...looking back

    Yeah, part of the reason I decided to quite PT was the "professionals" sometimes said things I knew weren't true. For example, you could never get extension past 0 degrees, and had no idea what "locking" an extended knee meant...
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    TKR 8 months post TKR...looking back

    Good luck to you. It is a bit of a slog, but there is light at the end of the tunnel.
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    TKR 8 months post TKR...looking back

    Yeah at 3 weeks my office was wanting me to do some work at home. Luckily I was in a very flexible arrangement (retired now, yay) and would do maybe an hour or two of work but that was it. I feel like the first 3 months at least, my full time job was recovering. Lots of exercising (trying not...
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    TKR 8 months post TKR...looking back

    Cathy, you are still at the very beginning. I think by 3 weeks I had discarded my walker, and only used a cane for a couple days, but it sure wasn't anywhere close to walking without stiffness at that point. Patience and not trying to overdo things are my advice.
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    TKR 8 months post TKR...looking back

    Hey Didot, when I was at 6 months I was feeling much better, but still would have plenty of setbacks when I overdid things. So at the time, I worried about the upcoming trip to France, knowing that it would involve long plane trips and lots of walking. The trip came right at 7 months and...
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    TKR 8 months post TKR...looking back

    Celle, looking back I guess you could call my recovery normal but when I was more in the thick of it, I worried a lot that it wasn't normal. I would see other people with similar surgery dates progressing faster than me. Besides the normal surgery pain, I had a lot of pain in other joints...
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    TKR 8 months post TKR...looking back

    Hi Jockette, my surgery date was November 15, 2018.
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    TKR 8 months post TKR...looking back

    Hello. I am almost 8 months post TKR, and while I found this site shortly after my surgery, I never started my own recovery thread because I didn't feel like my experience was all that noteworthy. But I feel like now I can add a few brief comments that might be helpful to others. First, let me...
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    TKR Walking, skiing, bicycling

    As a fellow 62-year old skier from Washington State with a TKR, just thought I'd say hello. I used to ski Alpental regularly when I lived in Seattle, but changed to Crystal Mt. when I moved to Olympia. It is inspiring the read about your ability to return to high-level skiing. I'm just 11 weeks...
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    TKR Walking Post Op

    Pamjam, I'm wondering if part of the reason for your additional pain with the second TKR is (paradoxically) your second knee had not been in as bad of shape for as long as your first knee? I am about 6 weeks out from my TKR. I had arthritis in the knee for over 40 years, and was told by an OS...

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