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    TKR Looking for guidance

    I was a biker prior to surgery and did exercise bike as part of preop conditioning. After surgery I was able to bike as part of my rehab. I continued on exercise bike after I was done with PT, building up from 5 minutes initially to an hour.. I got back to outdoor biking by 5-6 months or so. I...
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    TKR 10 Days After Surgery Back Flaring

    I think for some of us going through back pain is inevitable. I had a few back problems prior to surgery but not too bad. About 3 weeks out back pain was nearly intolerable for a few weeks. My PT says it is a result of changing your gait. I limped a certain way for years and how my leg was...
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    Anything I can do or get started on before my consult?

    Do some research and prepare a list of questions. Some things to ask about might include surgeons experience, number of surgeries performed annually. Does he think knee replacement is the most desirable alternative for you, what other options might there be? Ask him to describe the surgery the...
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    TKR Prehab strengthening..

    You may be limited but there are still things you can do. I did a recumbent bike because I could - plus a series of stretches and and leg lifts in my hot tub. You have to determine what you personally are capable of without too much pain or swelling at this point. As noted, strengthening arms...
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    When is the right time for knee replacement?

    Opinions are cheap, true knowledge is expensive. I had my first knee replacement 2 years ago and like many of us I got a lot of opinions and free advice. This is a difficult decision to make and only you know how bad you hurt. If you choose surgery, it won't stop there. Family, friends and...
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    Hip or knee?....that is the question.

    I think you should discuss both issues with a single doctor and see what he thinks. Pain can radiate and a bad knee can cause hip pain and visa versa. My minor hip pain completely disappeared after the knee was replaced. But sometimes not. Let the same surgeon look at both the knee and hip...
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    Rehab & Recovery Question

    Who knows how it will go for you as we are all different but here is my experience. 4 years prior to my TKR I was told both knees were bone on bone. One was much worse than the other but they were both painful. I begged my surgeon for a bilateral and he refused. He told me we were doing the...
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    Will I at least lose some weight during this process?

    Sadly, like Jockette, I did not lose weight post surgery. I had worked hard prior to surgery and lost 40 pounds over the course of several months. I had friends bringing food for the first few weeks and I'm sure that didn't help either. I think it is a highly individual thing whether you lose...
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    What's best option for drive home from hospital

    I'm sorry, Jockette. You got a rough deal all the way around. Some hospitals have something like this, some don't. Most of us have little to no experience with this kind of thing before surgery and having someone with experience walk you through the bed, car and stairs when they can see what...
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    What's best option for drive home from hospital

    You might be in a hospital that provides some help with learning to maneuver. My hospital had what they called the gym. I was told beforehand to measure the height of both my bed and my car's seat and they had models of both they set to the correct height and the PT helped us practice getting...
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    Gel/ ice packs

    I'm going to go the other way on this one. I had ordered an ice machine but it got back ordered at the last minute and I didn't get it until a week after my surgery. I had been using gel ice packs in the meantime. I honestly didn't like the ice machine as well as I liked the ice packs. I didn't...
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    TKR Getting back to hiking and climbing.

    Excellent progress! It will be 2 years for me in July and like you, I was quick to get active again but it seemed much longer until I was completely pain free. Honestly it was well over a year. Not bad enough pain to stop me from doing what i wanted but it was there now and then like when i...
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    Been rescheduled !!

    Hopefully you will get some instructions before you leave the hospital sometimes it is called physical therapy or occupational therapy. My hospital had a "gym" wth bed and car seats, shoer chairs set up. They asked us to measure the heights of our beds and cars beforehand and they set them those...
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    Feeling out of options :(

    Get second opinion and a third or fourth opinion if needed. It was amazing to me how different one surgeons opinion was from another. Try to find a surgeon with some experience with younger patients. I'm not as familiar with how it works in your country but you need a referral to someone who...
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    Dear god what now?

    My take is; see more than one surgeon. Ask some hard questions about the surgery and what he thinks you will be capable of afterwards. I was going to my same old orthopedist for years and thought I knew my options. A change in insurance forced me to find a new surgeon and it was the best thing...


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