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    TKR Coming along<<

    So happy that you are doing well.
  2. gia2cats

    TKR Coming along<<

    I’ve been thinking of you and wondering how you are doing. Hopefully, you are progressing nicely and work is going well.
  3. gia2cats

    TKR Post-Op Total Knee Replacement - 2 Weeks Tomorrow

    That is very scary. But your surgeon seems very proactive and appears to have done the correct thing. I would hope they all would do that.
  4. gia2cats

    TKR Grandma Chris gets a new knee!

    Great update. I can really relate to what you saying. Your surgery was 9 days before mine and my recovery mimics yours. Very happy for you.
  5. gia2cats

    TKR Robert Johnson's hybrid recovery'

    I actually had a tiny suture abscess on the suture line. It healed but I could still feel the bump for a few months. But I also had an area away from the suture line that was a bit lumpy so that was probably a dissolving suture also. Eventually flattened out. Happy to hear you’re feeling better...
  6. gia2cats

    What's best option for drive home from hospital

    I spent one night in the hospital after my TKR. I had a mature night nurse who gave me a great tip for my 60 minute ride home. Both of my feet had padded booties on to protect my heels while in bed. She told me they discard those booties and to take one with me to wear on the ride home. It acted...
  7. gia2cats

    TKR Robert Johnson's hybrid recovery'

    I am sure someone will come along to address your concerns with more experience than I have. But I would think that maybe you strained some soft tissue when you stumbled. Maybe just take it a bit easy till things settle down in there. I also had suture issues and it did take several months for...
  8. gia2cats

    Joint Replacement Class

    Like you, my husband and I thought the joint class was very helpful. They answered so many questions that we didn’t even know we had. They passed around a new knee joint which fascinated my husband. But the class also made him realize all that was involved in the surgery and he was a huge help...
  9. gia2cats

    Spinal anesthesia question

    I had a spinal with sedation for my TKR. I loved it. Woke up easily, no catheter. My BP was a little low so they kept me in Recovery about 30 minutes longer than normal. While in recovery, the nurse tested my feet and legs to determine when my feeling was returning. It really didn’t take long...
  10. gia2cats

    TKR Snoots recovery thread<

    Just be sure you are not taking more than 4,000 mg of paracetamol a day.
  11. gia2cats

    TKR Schpooko's Recovery

    I was about 3 months post op and needed an ingrown toenail removed before it became infected. I asked my OS about taking antibiotics and he said no. He said the podiatrist will know if I have an underlying infection and treat me accordingly. The procedure went well, technique was sterile and no...
  12. gia2cats

    TKR CorpHippie's recovery thread

    I am 4 months post op and my knee feels great. However, while I don’t think I worry about falling, it’s something that’s always in the back of my mind. I have developed a cautious way of walking which is the best way I can describe it. I’m very aware of curbs, steps, etc. I hope I continue to...
  13. gia2cats

    TKR Gia’s New Knee

    I have to say that even 4 to 6 weeks ago, I wondered how I would navigate walking through airports. So it’s really time and daily activities that heals our knees.
  14. gia2cats

    TKR Gia’s New Knee

    Well, I am 2 days short of my four month anniversary of my RTKR and I am very pleased. We are currently cruising the Caribbean for 10 days and I can honestly say my knee is not an issue. Most of the time I forget I had surgery. I was anxious to see how I would do walking on a sandy beach and...
  15. gia2cats

    TKR Coming along<<

    @Elad1002 I've got to say that I like the idea that your therapist gave you about writing down worst case scenarios. I just may have to give that a try because I always anticipate the worst. What is a problem for me is having routine tests done, like a mammogram. I will stress out terribly...


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