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    THR FCBayern's Recovery

    So at approximately 11 months post THR, 22 months post TKR, and 9 years post TAR, yesterday I hiked 4 miles and 1028 feet into Bryce canyon (1st Picture) and then back up again (2nd picture). It actually snowed on us the last 1/3 of the trip up. It's been years since I could even think of taking...
  2. FCBayern

    THR I am now bionic

    Glad to hear you are doing well my friend, happy healing!
  3. FCBayern

    Hip Infection* I'm back home

    Woot woot! great update! :flwrysmile:
  4. FCBayern

    THR Hip Surgery done and Home

    I thought it was a brilliant statement as well. I just hope I never have to find out, I've delt with sisters before. :heehee:
  5. FCBayern

    THR Home. (Ouchie)

    Exercising 3 days a week this early is bound to cause you pain. Consider cutting back and just stick to short walks, that's all you need right now.
  6. FCBayern

    TKR RTHR in June - LTKR in November

    There's definitely two paths and both work for people. Other than some peddling with no resistance to help with range of motion I did very little PT, just activities of daily life with my TKR and I've had really good results. I have aggressively rehabbed in the past for other recoveries but I...
  7. FCBayern

    TKR RTHR in June - LTKR in November

    I had my hip replaced about 10 months after my knee on the same side. My knee actually improved further after the hip was done. On the tough side recovery from TKR is a harder more painful road than recovery from THR.
  8. FCBayern

    Ankle Need TAR - scared!

    Hi Doris, I had my TAR almost 9 years ago in December of 2011. As mentioned above it is a 9 month to a year recovery with lots of time early on with toes above nose. However it is well worth the time and effort, it's given me my life back. At 50 years old it was so painful to walk I didn't move...
  9. FCBayern

    THR Left THR- Yesterday!!

    My doctor recommended that I never again rest with my ankle on my knee, probably over conservative but still makes me squeamish when I hear of people sitting cross-legged. I'm not flexible enough anymore to sit that way anyway. :shrug:
  10. FCBayern

    THR 9/21 RTHR On the other side!

    Still pretty early in your recovery, maybe you just did more than the soft tissues that are still healing liked? That's the most usual cause of that kind of pain this early.
  11. FCBayern

    THR BroncoinVA Recovery Thread

    Good update @BroncoinVA the ice machine is a wonder isn't it. Just keep it slow, it becomes really easy to over do as you start felling better. No need to join the ODIC (Over Did It Club). Although we all find ourselves there at some point.
  12. FCBayern

    Ankle Looking for someone who's had a TAR

    I rarely have pain, and it happens more often if I'm a couch potato, it likes me to stay active. When I do have some pain ice chases it away.
  13. FCBayern

    THR The other side!

    As you have discovered first hand it's doesn't hurt when you are overdoing it but the next day :groan:
  14. FCBayern

    THR 14 Oct out yesterday morning

    You might want to seriously consider the oxy before leaving on that long a drive. The car is a bad place to be if you get behind the pain curve.
  15. FCBayern

    THR Woodstockhip’s Recovery Thread

    Burnt pizza oh no!:gaah: But as early on as you are balance work and the bike even without resistance may have been enough for your hip to be unhappy.


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