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    TKR Sleep issues

    I don't have two knee replacements but I do have replacement hip, knee, and ankle @elbracey, and I took up golf after all my replacements. I regularly play 2 days a week now and never even think about my replacements except to be amazed by what I can do pain free again.
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    TKR TKR Questions

    Your level of activity may be slowing your increase of ROM. You are still VERY early in recovery and all the activity will cause swelling that limits your ROM. Maybe try taking it a little easier and keep icing and elevating, you just might find your ROM suddenly improves when the internal...
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    Fractured Neck of Femur/Pinning Hip Pinning after ski accident

    This guidance for dealing with your PT was posted by one of our BoneSmart members and I've held on to it because I thought it was brilliant. I expect discomfort. I DO NOT expect actual significant pain. The definition of what is painful is owned by me, not you. When I say stop, we're crossing...
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    TKR Week 1 Recovery

    While it is a part of the process if you can figure out what activity cause the swelling you can avoid that activity or intensity until you heal a little more. Great job choosing a new way to look at recovery. A positive attitude really does help healing in my opinion, and even if it doesn't...
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    Ankle Trying to learn more about TAR

    Less travel would definitely be beneficial. Some docs allow weight bearing right away, I was non-weight bearing for 6 weeks, my OS stated that results at 12 weeks were identical, so why not make sure the protheses has secured itself to the bone. Other than that I would recommend that you not do...
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    Ankle TAR UPDATE

    That's great you found a solution @LauraC. That technology was beginning to be used in 2011 when I had my TAR, but it was pretty strictly used for wounded soldiers at the time. I'm sure they have improved greatly since then as well. I would be really interested to know how you progress.
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    TKR TKR Questions

    You would be completely right to tell him no, or even :censored: no! You are seeing improvements in ROM so it's not adhesions preventing your ROM so an MUA would only put you back to day one of recovery. I agree that you are doing too much and the swelling that results from too much activity is...
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    TKR Week 1 Recovery

    This really is a 12-18 month recovery and you are very early in it, as Benne said it will get better. Are you still icing? I still used ice for several months, at least in the evening after 4 months or so. Your ROM is outstanding for this early and going up stairs reciprocally is quite an...
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    TKR Flutter1’s BoneSmart Success

    Great report @Flutter1! Joint replacement is life changing for sure. Looking forward to next years report. :walking:
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    Bilateral THR Grateful Double Hippy

    5 years of having your life back is certainly something to be thankful for @Mojo333. Here's to you! :martini:
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    TKR LTKR 9/21/2021; RTKR 12/21/2021

    Extension can take a long time to get to zero or better for some of us. At 12 months I was still 4 degrees from zero but during my second year of recovery I got to zero and beyond. Good heal/toe walking with as long a stride as possible will get that extension where it should be @karhoads.
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    THR Equestrian's recovery with Ehlers Danlos

    Awesome accomplishment @PolarIce! The future looks bright! :walking:
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    TKR LTKR Recovery Continues

    I used an Ace bandage to hold ice in place while I worked. It kept it in place at my desk and even worked to walk to the printer, kitchen, etc. It really helped me get through the day.
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    TKR Hawkie's 2nd Knee

    My knee had gotten so bad that I was using a cane before I had my TKR. It was a heartwarming day for me when my then 3 year old granddaughter asked "Pawpa, where's your cane?" and I told her "Pawpa got his knee fixed and doesn't need a cane anymore". That was followed by a hug I'll never forget. .
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    TKR IT tendonitis pain

    You haven't missed the "window of opportunity" because there is no such thing! I was still at 4 degrees a year out from TKR, but during my second year of recovery I progressed past 0. The main thing I did when my knee felt well enough was to walk with as long a stride as possible to slowly...

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