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    TKR Hawkie's 2nd Knee

    That was my best path to recovery as well, and I haven't heard from anyone here that took this approach and was unhappy with the results. Great idea to ask you medical team to address YOU not just another TKR patient.
  2. FCBayern

    TKR Sleep issues

    My knee was a slow one as well @elbracey, it took me a year to get to 120 degrees of flexion. My knee continued to improve throughout my second year, and it's great now. It seems like forever when you are going through it, but just a blip in time once it's in your rear view mirror.
  3. FCBayern

    THR Sulliy in Recovery

    Great to hear from you @Sulliy! We had our THR pretty close together, glad to hear you're as happy with yours as I am with Mine! :walking:
  4. FCBayern

    TKR Hawkie's 2nd Knee

    Prior to my TKR I was aware of the BoneSmart gentle approach to recovery as opposed to rigorous PT. I was lucky enough to find the site before my TKR. Even though I knew about the BoneSmart approach my OS was all about PT and "whatever ROM you have when your scar turns silver is all the ROM you...
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    THR Muscle Stiffness

    Also can you tell us which hip was replaced? We will add it to your signature, it's helpful for staff to provide appropriate guidance.
  6. FCBayern

    THR Muscle Stiffness

    Hello and :welome: to BoneSmart! Swelling and tight muscles are very common during this recovery. Ice and elevation will help both symptoms quite a bit. I will leave you our recovery guidelines below, you might want to start with the ice and elevation links. As you begin healing, please keep in...
  7. FCBayern

    TKR Hawkie's 2nd Knee

    I didn't use a rocker but when I got back in the office I would plant my foot and roll the chair forward until I felt tightness, then I would hold it there. I didn't even go to the point of discomfort, just a feeling of stretching. Hold for a few minutes and then I could roll a little farther. I...
  8. FCBayern

    TKR Back again in 2021 ☺

    Just taking the dogs for a walk, even a short one was a huge boost to my mental health during recovery. Those little things that let you know how much is out there waiting for you without that grinding daily pain. Happy healing @dogwalker2!
  9. FCBayern

    TKR Aggressive Physical Therapy

    @wander03 I'm so sorry you were treated so poorly by your original PT. When I hear about such an old school approach I almost expect them to suggest leaches for the swelling. Fortunately the actual implant itself is extremely tough so it's all the already traumatized soft tissues that the PT...
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    TKR Newbie

    That is the basis of BoneSmart's philosophy, Listen to your body, it knows what it needs better than any medical person. Sounds like you are on the right track (no pun intended) @Sparky791.
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    TKR Runner new to forum TKA June 22, 21

    You can just type into the box at the bottom of the page and post from there @Baldylocks13.
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    TKR Hawkie's 2nd Knee

    Unfortunately at ~5 weeks it's going to be very difficult to sit upright for any length of time comfortably. I know for myself I still needed to be elevated most of the time to remain comfortable at your stage of recovery. Hope you can find some relief @hawk2go.
  13. FCBayern

    TKR Jaspa's Recovery Thread

    I built a wooden platform for my recliner to sit on so it was higher and easier to get in and out of.
  14. FCBayern

    TKR SZone's Recovery Thread

    The guidelines are just there to help, but the most important thing is listening to that new knee and letting it tell you what it's happy with. Once you know what you can do without upsetting it you can gradually add things, being careful to listen to your knee that night and the next day.
  15. FCBayern

    TKR DogTiredKnees Recovery Thread

    You can put those stories in the same category of "I have a gold mine to sell you that will make you rich!" or "I have great deal on waterfront property for you". My favorite response was "I guess they didn't get super custom after market parts like I did!" :rotfl:


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