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    ORIF Tibial Plateau Fracture Post-op Normal ROM Questions

    I'm one of those that didn't do formal PT for my TKR recovery @VolFan0927. Prior to my TKR I was aware of the BoneSmart gentle approach to recovery as opposed to rigorous PT. I was lucky enough to find the site before my TKR. Even though I knew about the BoneSmart approach my OS was all about PT...
  2. FCBayern

    TKR Lily's recovery

    Glad to hear you are doing so well @Goma! :happydance: Even better is the fact you still have more healing to go so things should just continue to improve from here!
  3. FCBayern

    THR Finally On The Recovery Side

    Welcome to the healing side @Mersada! :flwrysmile:
  4. FCBayern

    TKR RLS and stretching, is it OK?

    I have to agree with Jockette @Dedou, you are right about where we all were 6 weeks in. A lot of people come into this surgery without really knowing what to expect in recovery. You already know you can't work as soon as next week. You need to listen to what your body needs and then be your own...
  5. FCBayern

    TKR LTKR April 1 - bending knee hurts

    Nothing at all wrong with helpful PT @SkiBikeHikeDude! Sounds like yours has a beneficial approach. Wish I had found one like that!
  6. FCBayern

    THR Brand New Hip

    Our basic philosophy here is listen to your body @Ropeslinger. If your doing something that hurts, back off. If it doesn't bother you, you're fine and can take the next step forward. It' great to here that you are doing so well, the recovery we all want but aren't all destined to have!
  7. FCBayern

    THR Julie Mac's Second THR

    Wow you found the goose that lays the golden egg @Julie Mac! :happydance: A surgeon with a modern view of post-op PT! If your Doc is not already in our surgeon locator we would definitely like to know who he or she is. If you would like to give us his or her name we can check if BoneSmart has...
  8. FCBayern

    THR Hip Recovery

    I found my one way limit and tried to go one house farther every day @Teresa17. When I could get halfway around the block and back I knew I could go all the way around. Slow and steady wins the race!
  9. FCBayern

    THR Ice therapy machine after THR?

    Wish that was the reason I still have some. In my case it's because as I get older I don't know what's going to hurt tomorrow! :heehee: An ice machine is great, but definitely not a requirement for good icing. As long as you get the area good and cold for a minimum of 45-60 minutes you'll be good.
  10. FCBayern

    THR Finally On The Recovery Side

    It's kind of a relief when you finally get there and know it will all soon be over but the healing. The day you realize that the pain you feel is healing pain that will get better, and not grinding joint pain that will continue to get worse is a glorious day and yours is now coming soon...
  11. FCBayern

    THR Home aid equipment

    I went through the class twice @WhitePaw, and nothing there came close to matching the information Layla left for you. If you read all those articles you will be WAY more prepared than anything the joint classes offer.
  12. FCBayern

    THR Outpatient Surgery

    I have had three different replacements dating back almost 10 years and all were out patient @Ginny. My surgeon told me "we don't want you to stay in the hospital, too many sick people there!"
  13. FCBayern

    TKR RLS and stretching, is it OK?

    You may rethink that decision in the future @Dedou. You are still in the tough part of recovery, but it will start getting better soon. A few months from now when you're walking pain free on your brand new knee but the other one is cranky, you might start to think differently. As tough as my own...
  14. FCBayern

    TKR Second guessing second TKR

    You've got this @bertschb! As you know recovery takes patience and isn't fun, but living pain free afterwards is a substantial reward for that (over all) short period of time.
  15. FCBayern

    THR One more change...

    That's certainly a great alternative, particularly if you were always too busy to enjoy it before. But @djklaugh had a great suggestion as well. I coached youth soccer (U-8's to Varsity high school soccer) and other than raising my boy's, it feels like my best accomplishment in life. Some of the...


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