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Recent content by Fairydell

  1. Fairydell

    I think I am off again

    Thanks Layla... I had a bit of a fall the other day. My naughty leg collapsed under me. It shook me up quite badly but other than a pair of grazed knees there was no lasting damage.. So much for getting up early every day for a walk. I am off to a Ceilidh in an hour to see in the New Year. I...
  2. Fairydell

    I think I am off again

    I hope you have all had a wonderful Christmas. Here's hoping that 2020 is a kind year to everyone.
  3. Fairydell

    I think I am off again

    Hello all my lovely hippy buddies. I hope you are all fit and well. I don't really have much progress to report but am limping along nicely. I so hoped that my leg would be back to normal by now but sadly it isn't. The trigger finger isn't too much of a problem since I bought a finger brace...
  4. Fairydell

    THR Bickypeg's new hip

    I am just having a little catchup reading all my old fellow hippies posts. I have missed chatting on here and missed all the lovely supportive fellow bone smarties. I have found that It's a long slow process this healing lark.
  5. Fairydell

    Revision THR Hope for 2020, Revised THR

    Hello, it's been a while since I had a good look on the forums. I too am still toddlering the stairs but I am working really hard at regaining the muscle that I have lost in my thigh. I still need one crutch outdoors but haven't needed them indoors for ages. The nerve damage is slowly...
  6. Fairydell

    I think I am off again

    Hi @Mojo333 I haven't. been around lately so having a bit of a catch up. Not sure I like the new format but will get used to it. A little progress update, sorry it is a bit long winded. I don't use the leg brace anymore and manage with one crutch outdoors. Indoors I don't use crutches at...
  7. Fairydell

    THR Nerve pain in foot after hip replacement

    Hi Damper. I haven't been around the forum lately so just catching up. I had nerve damage following my hip replacement.. The pain is dreadful. I am currently taking Pregabalin and it took a few dose increases to find a level that helps me cope with the pain. I expect to be on it for quite...
  8. Fairydell

    I think I am off again

    Thanks Layla. I am hoping that it might settle down once the right hip recovers a bit more. I was signed off by the surgeon last week. He was really pleased with how much my poorly leg has improved and told me that a year from now it will have healed as much as it is ever likely to. He can't...
  9. Fairydell

    I think I am off again

    Thanks everyone. When I had my original x ray I was told that the left hip looked worse than the right one. The right one became very painful very quickly and I have a feeling that the left one is doing the same now. I have an appointment with the surgeon on the 10th and I will ask his opinion
  10. Fairydell

    I think I am off again

    I had my right hip replaced in April and have had a terrible time. The surgeon damaged the femoral nerve which left my leg paralysed. It's taken months to even start to feel like normal and I am not there yet. Annoyingly my left hip has been giving me some serious pain. I am hoping that it is...
  11. Fairydell

    Tips Wanted - 65 and anxious

    Hi Gill. I bought a raised toilet seat and two grabbers, and then discovered I could have borrowed them for free. Check with whoever is doing your op whether they will be providing them. I was loaned a thick waterproof cushion to raise my chair seat height. It was a godsend in the early days...
  12. Fairydell

    THR Fairydell's recovery thread

    Hi @SarahBee It's lovely to hear that you too are improving. It seems ages ago now that we both had our operations.
  13. Fairydell

    Mind numbing boredom due to hip related limitations. How to deal with it?

    Hi Bruce. This part is the most horrible bit but it will pass. I am a big fan of the 'duo lingo' website? It's a great way to pass the time and to brush up on your language skills and is a free site. I haven't missed a day since I started using it and even managed a practice session while I...
  14. Fairydell

    THR Fairydell's recovery thread

    hi @Fit4Family and @Mojo333 It seems like forever ago that I had my op and I want to thank you both for taking time to read my post this morning. I have been outside this morning and fought another chunk of that hedge. It is definitely losing :flwrysmile: Every day I try to lead with the...
  15. Fairydell

    THR Fairydell's recovery thread

    Hi @Layla Thank you for thinking of me. I am getting back to normal at long last. The poorly leg is nowhere near fully healed yet but I refuse to let it stop me. The leg situation has made us re think our garden and we are planning some major changes. Tony and I are in the middle of...

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