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    TKR Seven Month Update and Questions

    Hi Everyone I hope you are all staying safe and your recoveries are progressing well. Due to Covid 19 I have been having telephone reviews with my physio and my medical team. Progress has been very good and as I learned from this forum, I have allowed myself to heal naturally no overdoing...
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    TKR Sleepless and exhausted

    My LTKR was 27th November so around the same time. I had a blissful few days during the last few weeks where I seemed to sleep 12 hours straight. The last 4 or 5 weeks have seen me a zombie unable to nap during the day or sleep at night. My whole body clock is out of whack and I am beginning to...
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    TKR Seven Month Update and Questions

    I am at 7.5 weeks post LTKR now and have had my review with my surgeon. He is happy with progress and has cleared me to fly and drive (even though I drove the hour to the hospital). My next review all going well is in three months. I am feeling well and not suffering pain unless doing wretched...
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    TKR Seven Month Update and Questions

    [email protected] Yours does sound like phlebitis too. Mine runs in the superficial vein from below my knee on the outside of the leg up and across my upper thigh. Its a prominent vein anyway but the whole of it is hard, lumpy , swollen and tender. The skin is a kind of dark suntan colour over the...
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    TKR Seven Month Update and Questions

    The one thing I forgot (I don’t know how) is that I have been suffering agonizing phlebitis from below the knee tracking up and ver the upper thigh. My doctor is not concerned but the Skin is very discolored, the vein is hard and lumpy, sore and tender. It’s been well over a week. Using heat...
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    TKR Seven Month Update and Questions

    Progress at 6 weeks. I have to say that I am feeling quite pleased with progress. I am walking without crutches around the house and my physio said to wean off one crutch outdoors gradually to use one crutch. I am definitely a little less tired and managing a lovely 20 -30 minute walk most...
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    TKR Seven Month Update and Questions

    Hi @Suz Thank you for your warm and encouraging post! The article you linked was very apt under the circumstances! I re read my original post and my initial thoughts were to treat the recovery as my job for the next three months or however long it takes. The timing in mid winter is good too. I...
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    TKR Seven Month Update and Questions

    Hi Naturelover so happy to hear your riding experience thus far. I do think us riders have different musculature, I know my calf muscles are very stretched and my quads were strong going into the op. Whether this is an advantage or not I don't know. I have a small yard (barn) here in Ireland...
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    TKR Seven Month Update and Questions

    Thank You Helizabug! 27th November was quite a day for us. I think my issue is that my mind is just racing and wont slow down so my concentration is not good. I love Coursera and have done several of their courses and listen to podcasts when I go to bed. I just need something to focus on now...
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    TKR Seven Month Update and Questions

    Approaching 5 weeks post op now and had three days where I felt back to square one with increased pain, fatigue, nausea and even less appetite. This set back coincided with a somewhat erratic sleep pattern changing to one of 12 hours sleep over the three days I felt dreadful. The sleep in its...
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    TKR Seven Month Update and Questions

    Hello Everyone and Merry Christmas to you all! I am 4 weeks post TKR on Christmas Day. I was well prepared for the operation. I was quite fit and lost weight beforehand. I had made a deal with myself that the recovery was going to be my job for the forseeable future. The operation: This was...
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    Welcome to the November Nimbles' 2019 Knee Recovery Club

    Hello A first timer here, Please add me to the November group. My surgery for Left TKR was on November 27th. Living alone, it would be good to document my recovery and talk with others in similar circumstances now I feel well enough and able to sit at my desk for a little while! Thank You


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