TKR Seven Month Update and Questions

Day to day quite active and able to look after myself OK but difficult to balance between doing too much, doing too little and doing enough.
That is a problem just about every single one of us have faced. It sounds like you're listening to your knee really well. That's the key. If it stays in control then your recovery will be easier.

Driving with a manual transmission at 7.5 weeks is really good. A clutch can really be a workout! I had a right replacement and didn't try driving until my 7th week. Keep us the good recovery!
Hi Everyone

I hope you are all staying safe and your recoveries are progressing well. Due to Covid 19 I have been having telephone reviews with my physio and my medical team. Progress has been very good and as I learned from this forum, I have allowed myself to heal naturally no overdoing physio and sure enough I have attained really good flexion certainly enough for my surgeon and maintaining good activity. Obviously odd twinges and I could do with some stairs to practice on as been living downstairs and only make the odd journey upstairs. I can walk for miles and at a good pace so I am really happy.

Unfortunately, sods law and one step forward one back as we all know, I have developed excrutiating pain on the outside of my non operated knee. When I mentioned it to my physio she said it was because I was putting too much strain on the non operated knee I had caused strain. However, it has been two months and despite resting , icing and favouring my operated knee, the pain remains. It is an odd one as it is only when I over flex the knee or twist it slightly (turning over in bed for example, getting into a car). There is no pain at walk or standing. My medical team say that due to the severe arthritis in the non operated knee(never been symptomatic) it is likely to be that but arthritis pain generally is there or it isnt and definitely this is not arthritis pain. The medical team therefore are no help and to get a referral from my GP back to the orthos is impossible in this pandemic as they are not seeing patients at all. MY physio thinks it could be ITB syndrome based on the symptoms and I have been doing strengthening exercises wearing compression ice/heat you name it but no real improvement. So disappointing as just as both knees were in pain free harmony, the goodone goes on me!!!

Anyway in other news, I went for a great ride on my daughters horse for an hour walk trot and canter and apart from obviously stiffness the next day and a bit of fluid on my operated knee it was heaven and such a leap forward.

Otherwise all good. Wonder if this is a common enough thing to happen after TKR and if anyone else has experienced this.

Thank you xxx
@Equinista you will notice that I have merged your two threads together as we prefer that members in recovery only have one thread.

This is for three reasons:
1. if you keep starting new threads, you miss the posts others have left you in the old threads
2. it often ends up that information is unnecessarily repeated
3. it's best if we can keep all your recovery story in one place so it's easily accessed if we need to advise you.

Please keep all your questions and updates on this thread. I changed the title to your latest update.
Wow, horseback riding with ITB problems. Look at you go!
Anyway in other news, I went for a great ride on my daughters horse for an hour walk trot and canter and apart from obviously stiffness the next day and a bit of fluid on my operated knee it was heaven..

This makes my heart sing. Right now, at just over 5 weeks out, the thought of getting on my very reliable horse terrifies me. On a horse that I haven't ridden nearly daily for 16 years? I don't know lol. I'm just imagining a spook to the side. :scare:

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