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    Reverse Shoulder Replacement Total reverse shoulder replacement

    Hi guys . I’m into my second week of a total reverse shoulder replacement. And I am basically by myself. The only thing I can tell you guys that is so so so important is to prepare for this. By this I don’t mean going online and finding all kinds of snaps and clothing to prepare for this and I...
  2. Claud

    Bilateral TKR Thank you

    Wow your right That dream I think was sent to you from your knee telling you “Sit down ! relax ! and enjoy the ride. We’ll get there when we get there” Lol
  3. Claud

    Bilateral TKR Thank you

    Lol. FCBayern ! You crack me up. I’m about 10 weeks out. I stopped icing about 3 weeks ago The cold ice was reaking havoc on the rest of my joints as the cold moved threw my body, so I stopped the ice. After a long walk I come home Elevate my legs and use my massager . Ya the knees get...
  4. Claud

    Bilateral TKR Thank you

    Thanks possum65 It’s just that it’s finally looking like spring And I’m on the hunt to find that darn groundhog who said early spring!! Got to get my legs in shape. LOL
  5. Claud

    Bilateral TKR Thank you

    Sorry my spelling is so bad today
  6. Claud

    Bilateral TKR Thank you

    Thanks lindylee Your doing fantastic it!!! I think our knees are in the playful stage They lull you into “oh we feel wonderful and can do it all” Then when you try to give it that extra push they wine like babies and say “ouch we hurt!” For days!! Well it’s just an excuse to sit back but...
  7. Claud

    Bilateral TKR Thank you

    Glad the journal idea was helpful Looking back I also realized that not only did it show me that progress was being made but it was like sending a note to a dear friend who understood what you was going thru, especially when I went back and read the journal, I was proud of me an unsure little...
  8. Claud

    Revision TKR Multiple Knee Replacements

    @Momma-me Im so sending you all the positive vibes, hugs and prayers I can. I know you can get thru this. If a scaredy-cat like me can get thru having both knees done at the same time , while still on the mend from my R hip replaced 5 months earlier... I know you have it in you. Im 6...
  9. Claud

    New Right TKR date of 3/29

    So sorry to hear about the delay. I had both my knees done at the same time in Feb. Times moved slowly to get to surgery date especially when the date changes but it will happen. Keep healthy and busy to that time and exercise what you can to strengthen your muscles. My prayers are with you ✨
  10. Claud

    Bilateral TKR Thank you

    Thank you so much It’s like a huge family of healing I draw on each ones strength like an invisible rope of love from your hearts to me and each other. Giving comfort that no one is alone and the mountain we willscale together. I’m still learning this site and never that good at fancy...
  11. Claud

    Bilateral TKR Thank you

    Thanks lindylee. Sistershin, momma-me, and the gang. I’m not all that special. Each one of you have faced your challenges head on. At times it may see like your going to drown in a sea of fear and doubt, but you faced the pain the doubt etc (long before I did) And beat the odds with that...
  12. Claud

    Bilateral TKR Thank you

    Thanks Jockette and Zab for your kind notes.... best medicine one can have is encouragement for people who know. I am so looking forward to the warm weather. Rehabilitation in the New England cold sucks but everyday brings us closer to spring and stronger. God bless you all. No mater if it...
  13. Claud

    Bilateral TKR Thank you

    Thanks Cab. I agree. Keeping a log is like a silent friend that reminds you that you will be alright. I just got DC from home PT and next week I start PT at the medical center. I have been driving on good days and hope I can get myself there. Also nurse to stop by Monday and hopefully take...
  14. Claud

    Bilateral TKR Thank you

    Love your advise lindylee Will take it to heart. My get her done attitude can some times bite me in the hinee. ☺️ It has served me well bringing one of Massachusetts first female contractors back in the day... then after a personal tragedy change my entire life path and become a visiting...


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