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Recent content by Cjackso21

  1. Cjackso21

    TKR Had Mako TKR

    Hello, I can completely relate to your difficulties! I once had a knee revision (completely replaced my first TKR that did not “stick”) and then a month or so later had to have a MUA. I was in so much more pain afterwards and didn’t gain as much ROM as I would have thought. When I went to my...
  2. Cjackso21

    PKR 3 weeks post PKR: question about pain meds

    I have had a lot of experience with recovery from TKRs and revisions (which were all mostly like a TKR, revision makes it sound easy). I tried to stop pain meds at around 4 weeks once cold turkey because it seemed ok. But was sick for a week from withdrawal symptoms. The next time I found a...
  3. Cjackso21

    TKR February 6 2020 RTKR

    Hello, I am 1 day behind you, my surgery was on 2/7. But I’ve done this many times so that even though I have had a few teary moments, I know it will get better. I am also on the same pain regimen with Tylenol as well. Seems to be working well. I am hoping this is the last on the right as I...
  4. Cjackso21

    Knee Infection* Is this normal?

    Hello Glad you have come through all of the infection problems. I have not had infections, which I should be grateful for but many revisions due to parts loosening. My last revision was last week and he said there was a lot of scar tissue that he removed which I believe is why my knee seemed...
  5. Cjackso21

    TKR Day 4 post tkr

    StartIng my range of motion exercises today. Until today, I got up every hour and walked a bit and did ADLs as they say but now 2 hours a day I am too work on extension and flexion. Then next week is outpatient PT.
  6. Cjackso21

    Knee Infection* Knee fusion

    I was told I needed to have a hinged knee (not nearly as bad as yours but not good) to fix my right knee and the doctor was going to do it the next week. I asked for advice here and they found a much more experienced doctor that I had to wait for but it was worth it. Finally I feel like my 6th...
  7. Cjackso21

    TKR pain management week 3

    That is great progress. I just had my 6th revision (very long story) and they rebuilt my knee again. The stiffness stays for a long time, as they said, even longer than a year. But with all of my surgeries the most important thing for me has been passive and stretching motions, not...
  8. Cjackso21

    2020 February Valentines - Are you having knee surgery in February?

    Thanks for adding me to the Feb. list but I have actually had a thread going for many years. To be honest, it was a bit difficult to find my previous thread after this latest revision. I did find it and added to it. Think you can find it at...
  9. Cjackso21

    TKR Day 4 post tkr

    I have been watching advice from this forum for several years. Was always skeptical about their advice of no exercise as with all of my surgeries, I was pushed to do exercises and or walk hours after the surgery. Since I have lots of scar tissue, I assumed this was necessary for getting my...
  10. Cjackso21

    Revision TKR Need advice for 6th revision

    As most can see, I have way too much experience with TKRs and revisions. I am hoping to find a way to let folks know about how much better this latest revision has been so far. This would hopefully help folks can advocate for themselves for some of the improvements that my Doctor has provided...
  11. Cjackso21

    Revision TKR Need advice for 6th revision

    Surgery was Friday 2/7/2020. Thanks to all for your thoughts and prayers! Doc said knee was worse than he had thought, but he was able, after over 4 hours, realign everything and did not need to use a hinged joint. Pain is much less than I thought it would be. I will make sure to let...
  12. Cjackso21

    Revision TKR Need advice for 6th revision

    Now going in for my 6th revision on my right. New Doctor, new hospital, new city. Let’s hope this one works. Prayers are welcome!
  13. Cjackso21

    TKR Plenty of pain and trouble sleeping.

    Yes, the first few months are tough, but then you are at month 4-6 and things brighten up and your knee works a lot better! Patience is tough but necessary. Just curious, what is a JAS?
  14. Cjackso21

    TKR Malaligned Valgus knee following TKR

    So sorry for this frustrating outcome. I am just curious if your knee, although at a vagus angle, still feels stable? My knee felt like it was bending inward when I walked and going up stairs was super wobbly but standing is straight. My new doctor tested for stability (passively bending a...
  15. Cjackso21

    TKR 9 Weeks Post Op Right TKR

    I agree, you are doing fine. My left and first TKR took a long time for me to get the optimum range of motion. But it is stable and doing fine. My right TKR was much quicker but I ended up with problems. You will get there, patience is really hard but necessary. Good luck!

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