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    TKR Surgery date!

    I'm the day before you, Bag! We can be recovery buddies
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    TKR LTKR October 17th Boston MA

    @Pall48…..I am 'intending' to be very disciplined about starting my 'pre-hab’ exercises (Today! Get at it today!) so that I feel I've done all I can for a good recovery. (There may be some somewhere on this site; I just did a google.) And balance is a key issue as we 'progress' in life (uh…age)...
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    Advice for identifying a surgeon in 2022?

    Don't know that this is the appropriate place for this query, but I expect the moderators will help me out or move this. But I am wondering what the criteria is for docs to be included in the 'Find A Surgeon' section?
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    TKR Hi! New Here - My RTKR Recovery Thread

    G¡day! Hawk2go's reply about a wheelchair got me to thinking - seems like even if you are not in need of any kind of wheeled aid right now, for travel maybe it WOULD be a good idea. I live in an area that has a wonderful non-profit service that loans out all kids of medical equipment - at no...
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    TKR New to site

    DancingQueen - You mentioned 'rest!' In terms of your cancers (and big kudos to you!), but I think that's the only mention of that word in your posts. REST is so important in helping your body to heal. Baby yourself - lay down, nap, take a rest…whatever…as often as you can. (our first dog was...
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    TKR Mickimouse TKR Recovery

    Sistersinhim: Thank you! For that link to the IB band info. I've had on again-off again 'pinch' in outer mid-thigh. Some PT work (now, a good 6 weeks or more ago) seemed to help, but it's been rearing up again, sometimes multiple times a day. Self-massage does seem to help and will def try the...
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    THR Hip Replacement a Month away and Getting Nervous

    PanicGirl - just noticed of your 'first floor plan' - for two months. Always a good idea to plan, but here's a note of encouragement: I had to do the same, my bedroom up a flight of about 16 stairs. (And, I live alone.) My 'plan' was to get an air mattress w about 6-7“ height to lay on the sofa...
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    THR 2nd hip on its way

    GOOD LUCK TO YOU TOMORROW! I have to wonder - I don't think any of us walk 'right' when we are enduring back/leg/foot pain. Inevitably our gait is affected, we shift our weight…, frankly, I was agape when I read of your 7-mile walk! I can't imagine you wouldn't feel that strain …in a lot...
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    THR Hip Replacement a Month away and Getting Nervous

    In case it is helpful to you at all, Panicgirl, I had both hips replaced (dates below) - no real jitters before, not sure why, but it went quite smoothly. The second recovery may have gone better chiefly because of what I'd learned from the first - Don't be Supergirl! Rest, rest and more rest...
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    JusticeRider: Hope you are feeling better today. I must tell you this line of yours put a big smile on my face - I am getting a real workout on my patience muscle.:heehee: It sounds like a great subject for a new thread! I am in countdown mode for LTKR on Nov. 8. Reading, learning and crossing...
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    Adding signature information

    Prior posts of mine included signature info - LTHR Dec. 2019; RTHR July 2020. That is not showing up on recent posts (including today's). Just curious……
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    TKR RTKR scheduled 24 August 2022

    Good luck! Look forward to hearing reports of your recovery!!
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    I keep waffling in my decision.

    Response just ahead of me, Benne68, has some important questions. Howevet, I just wanted to chime in with a comment from my physical therapist I think very highly of: 'You don't want to wait too long. The more Range of Motion you have going in, the better your chances for good RoM after.'
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    2022 November Nimbles - Are you having knee surgery in November

    November 8. Left TKR. Looking forward!
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    TKR TKRDogMom's Pre-Op Thread

    It's almost time!! Good luck to you!! I hope all goes smoothly. It sounds like your yard/dog arrangement should work fine. And kudos to you for giving such great pups a great home! I am also rural, with ONE dog, and a mostly distant support system. I have just scheduled a Nov. 8 LTKR. Not...

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