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    THR Femoral nerve damage support?

    @Schaargi eeeep dry needling :bolt: A PT barre-mate described a case she'd recently had, and it gave me the heebie jeebies! However, the result was de-twisted scar tissue... so perhaps I have to follow in your footsteps.... I used my cane exactly as Leejaa did-- a signal and a .... weapon...
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    THR SwimHip's September THR Pre-Op Thread

    Mojo, Celle, we are mostly joking! Healthy cats put the poop in the litter box 99.99999% of the time Scooping a cat box can be done with the golfer's reach if the cat box corner is big enough.:meow:
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    THR Cstinchcomb's Right Hip Recovery

    @cstinchcomb we have a sprawling city park that meanders over lots of property. It includes three small artificial "lakes" (hardly!), one called Swan Lake. They rent swan boats-- pedal boats for two in the shape of a swan! Those lakes, being about two feet deep, used to freeze over for ice...
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    THR Cstinchcomb's Right Hip Recovery

    @cstinchcomb re "be the yoga teacher" YES! Channel your favorite yoga instructor- what do they say, how do they say it? My favorite college flute teacher had so many things each student got to hear, and I internalized so many of them. I aimed to give my own students a little voice inside them or...
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    THR Scared of getting a hip replacement

    @Fitness123 hi! I am sure not a doctor so I don't know what's causing your new pains. Did you see Dr Post? What did he have to say about the pain? Once I had a surgery date, I just popped another ibuprofen and tried to ignore any pain from my shoulders to my ankles. A bad hip can cause SO much...
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    THR 8 weeks post surgery

    Hi @SuzHelga and welcome! Have a read around the recovery board-- you'll see that many have had your experience! For me, this kind of "new" pain happened when I did more (read, too much!) of something I could already do, or, tried something new and it didn't hurt at the time, rather paid me back...
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    THR Recovery thread

    @Titanium hipste oh you poor man! I couldn't hardly stay awake 15 minutes out of 60! Yeah, no forced walking. The hip will heal while you're groggy and sleeping. My meds put me to sleep, and there's something in the recovery guidelines in Josephine's cheery voice, saying that's a good thing. I...
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    THR Cstinchcomb's Right Hip Recovery

    @cstinchcomb I know how you felt turning down that steeper hike, but--- maybe next month! I have the lackadaisical attitude thing and I'm not recovering from MAJOR surgery! You will remember my barre classes? This past week I aimed, for the first time, for 4 in 5 days. Three in a row, that was...
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    THR Life as a Double Hipster. How are you doing?

    @Ava J ugh I hate those days-- I have them from time to time without a recent THR to pin it on! As far as seating--years before first hip, I bought myself a chunk of 5" foam, not memory foam but exactly the density and degree of firmness I wanted, to make any hard chair both comfortable and...
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    THR New here. Just scheduled my surgery.

    I have two anteriors from the same OS, 4 years apart. I had a few short-term precautions for both, and have been shown my "position of risk for dislocation", so I don't plan to do that intentionally. For the first hip the PA recommended that I not run/jog for exercise regularly, to avoid wear...
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    THR From the Other Side

    @KathyH I thought you meant a mechanical stair stepper thing! I am relieved. But I was never shown any exercise like you are doing. For my anteriors, it would just have aggravated my insulted hip flexors anyway. I started side-stepping on the level at about 3-4 weeks for #2, but don't remember...
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    THR Life as a Double Hipster. How are you doing?

    Ava, I admire your attitude! You are a much better patient than I ever was!
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    THR Life as a Double Hipster. How are you doing?

    I always guard the face-- a flute player is nothing without her face in original condition! @Hipster-2 let me make a list. --stepped over a wire "fence", flute bag swung around me, swung me over and wham on the new right hip. Flute sustained no damage. --carrying two heavy grocery bags towards...
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    THR Spangles' Recovery Thread

    @Spangles sounds like you may have a case of the post-op blues. It's normal, it's no fun, it will go away. Your hip pain is likely your hip just reminding you not to do that again soon please. Patience is what the patient needs, and I often found mine in short supply. I want to be all better...
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    THR TomT in recovery

    @TomT great appointment! So glad your entourage didn't have to wait long. Keep up the good work!


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