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    2019 July Sparklers - Are you having knee surgery in July?

    Hi, you can add me to the July 1st group! Had all me pre admission testing and md clearance done so it’s all starting to feel too real. Good luck to everyone and looking forward to our new knees and being in better shape. I’ve been dealing with a bad knee since last August and when I read on...
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    Need advice

    Thank you for the reply’s ! I think I made up my mind and I am going to go for the cemented version with the computer guided system. I will call tomorrow to make an appt to get things moving. Hoping to get a June date for my new knee, been dealing with this since last August!
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    Need advice

    Besides asking directly, is there any other way of finding out how many replacements they do per year. I've already had an appt and didn't ask this question.
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    Tomorrow 9.30 am pacific

    Good luck !
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    Need advice

    Hi, wondering if I could hear your thoughts on cemented vs non-cemented TKR's. I've gone to see 2 surgeons and am trying to figure out which way to go. One uses a computer based system and the other does a hands on approach as well as one uses cement and the other doesn't. I have faith in both...


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