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    Bilateral TKR BTKR - Recovery

    Well, this is the 10th day after 2 knee replacements. My left knee has given me little pain or swelling. Life would be sweet except…for my right knee- lots of swelling and pain. I know the surgeon did this one first, as it was in more dire need- more spacers, more straightening. My gait and...
  2. Taoquest

    Bilateral TKR BTKR - Recovery

    Thanks @Sisterpat. I can use this homemade ice pack with a Velcro strap, for the inbetween times. @Jewlz1 My brother gave me two commercial gel packs with Velcro, which last about an hour, and I will use these for my car trip next week.
  3. Taoquest

    Bilateral TKR BTKR - Recovery

    Thanks. I already have gel packs for my knees that I plan to use for the car trip next week to my surgeon’s office for the 2-week checkup. We had been using 4 small water bottles + ice + water to the fill line in each Berg, per THEIR instructions. My sister has now managed to shove 4 16 oz...
  4. Taoquest

    Bilateral TKR BTKR - Recovery

    I’ve decided to wait until my appointment with the surgeon on Wednesday, when I can find out how long I will use the ice machines. In the meantime, I will also look at table ice machines as suggested, as I can use it later for my RV. Thanks everyone.
  5. Taoquest

    Bilateral TKR BTKR - Recovery

    I do disconnect the power and remove the pad for at least an hour between uses, so we can check the skin. We then empty, add water to fill line, then about 5 lbs. of ice, per Breg instructions. Maybe I am using the Machines too much?
  6. Taoquest

    Bilateral TKR BTKR - Recovery

    8 Days Out - my visiting nurse came by today to change to Aquacel bandages, and I took a photo of the incisions. They are internal stiches, and a larger photo is in the Knee Scars - Badges of Honor section. Obviously, my right knee had more work done and is more swollen than the other...
  7. Taoquest

    Knee Scars - Post Your Badges of Honor Here! NO CHIT-CHAT please

    Bilateral Knee Replacement - 8 Days Out
  8. Taoquest

    Bilateral TKR Knee pain pre surgery vs post (opinion)

    I am only one week out, but when I stood still today, I felt centered, straighter, taller. No side pain on the outer knee. The joints felt a little heavier but seemed to have more “heft”. Like you, I feel like I waited too long, but my body told me when it was time. I had to go through the...
  9. Taoquest

    Bilateral TKR BTKR - Recovery

    1 week out- I spent yesterday with rest, elevation, and ice. Today’s PT session was totally different- this is a small community and maybe word got out that I was not happy. He agreed that I needed to go at my own pace, and we mostly did gentle stretching exercises. I only have Home PT for...
  10. Taoquest

    Bilateral TKR BTKR - Recovery

    Well, I got cocky and am quick to join the Club of Doing Too Much Too Soon. Had a great day yesterday, moving around, sitting in a chair doing exercises, getting up every hour walking around- as my PT said to do. He had told me that my legs will not fully extend unless I follow his directions...
  11. Taoquest

    Bilateral TKR BTKR - Recovery

    My knees were both out of alignment (left was bow-legged and right was knock-kneed) so it made sense to have them aligned with the Mako Robot and computer-assisted. My surgeon teaches it to other doctors at Johns Hopkins, so I felt I was in good hands. I was in pre-opt PT for 6 weeks prior and...
  12. Taoquest

    TKR starting to feel like its real

    I had butterflies too, and was a nervous wreck even while being wheeled into surgery, worried that the spinal block was complete, but of course it was, as I went to sleep. My sister was surprised that I slept a few hours the night before. I think it’s only human to feel this way. You’re not alone.
  13. Taoquest

    Bilateral TKR BTKR - Recovery

    Day 6- Well, my PT showed up, and was surprised at the range I already had in my knees, and my ability to ambulate (getting on and of the bed, and walking around).Then he looked at the Lounge Doctor and said that he didn’t like the dip it had, and if I was going to continue to use it, I had to...
  14. Taoquest

    Bilateral TKR BTKR - Recovery

    Day 5 in Recovery; my in-home PT never made an appearance, so I’ll call them tomorrow. Still doing my ankle pumps and my walks to the bathroom are getting easier. Finally had a #2 today (thank you Dulcolax). Still sleeping well and my use of the Lounge Doctor is 24/7, since the swelling has gone...
  15. Taoquest

    Bilateral TKR BTKR - Recovery

    Actually we rearranged the pillows for my head and i can now use the Lounge Doctor all the time. When I got up to go to the bathroom, my sister commented that my swelling had gone down. What a difference! My recovery would have been much different without BoneSmart.


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