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    TKR Post op LTKR pain, instability, dislocation?

    If the zombies come, I will be the first to go as I can't run and haven't for years. :heehee: I used to ski years ago before kids and also used to cross-country ski. It was great exercise but we eventually gave our skis away. My daughter skis now but her ski buddy moved to the UK so she...
  2. Susie-Q

    TKR Rubyroo TKR #2

    Oh, no doubt you'll love the British Baking Show! I guarantee it! I've heard about BritBox but I already have Hulu, Netflix, Prime, HBO, Showtime etc so don't want to pay for yet another streaming service. We used to have an old Nordic Track that was like cross country skiing, surely you have...
  3. Susie-Q

    TKR Rubyroo TKR #2

    Yes! Isn't that great! I'm still enjoying the novelty of doing stairs like a normal person. Not that I don't fall back into old habits sometimes, especially if I'm carrying something. :happydance: :happydance::happydance:
  4. Susie-Q

    TKR Round Two

    I've found it's harder to get myself OUT of the tub after soaking in the warm water. After sitting on the couch for awhile, everything takes a bit to get moving again through the stiffness. Once I'm up and moving, all is fine.
  5. Susie-Q

    Revision TKR Lovetocookandsew’s long road to recovery

    I'm going to repeat what others said, you're a rock star! :wowspring:That was a lot for one day but sounds like it was well worth it. Enjoy your cupcake!
  6. Susie-Q

    TKR My Journey

    Surgery Sisters, love that!
  7. Susie-Q

    TKR Jaspa's Recovery Thread

    Wow, that's great news, @jaspa !!! :yay::loveshwr:
  8. Susie-Q

    TKR #2 done

    I wouldn't call yours a mundane recovery, I'd call it amazing!! It's pretty rare to be this pain-free and have your kind of ROM this early. It's good for others to see there are both sides of the spectrum in this recovery..... :wow:
  9. Susie-Q

    TKR Left Knee Replacement

    How true is this! I've never made rice pudding but I've eaten it. Hubby even bought some recently in those little plastic cups from the store. My mother used to make cinnamon rolls on Sunday morning (she'd do the dough the night before and let them rise overnight). I've never had the...
  10. Susie-Q

    TKR 2nd knee, 2nd recovery

    I know this is off the topic of knee recovery but do any of you have any good scallop dishes you make? I've got 2 bags of frozen scallops and I normally do them with bacon and garlic and seared in a pan with spaghetti squash Alfredo but I'm open to new ideas...... :eyebrows:
  11. Susie-Q

    TKR Still lagging in recovery

    If I overdo it, that's where I feel some soreness and pain is that tendon at the top of the knee. I can feel it when I'm getting up from a seated position. My quads still feel weak at times too and I have to tell myself I'm only 4.5 months post-op in a year long recovery.....
  12. Susie-Q

    TKR My Journey

    Hang in there, @FourCats ..... 3 weeks will go fast. I can totally understand you though. I couldn't wait to get my 2nd knee done, once I had a surgery date and I'd worn it out so badly that I was dealing with pain every day and could barely do anything. Try and baby yourself as much as you...
  13. Susie-Q

    Knee Infection* Knee #2 Vent

    Congratulations on your decision to retire!!! :happydance:
  14. Susie-Q

    TKR Round Two

    I feel like I'm still fairly weak in the quads as well and I'm 4+ months post-op. I'm looking forward to spring weather (and time) when I can take my road bike out. I supposed I can add some resistance to my recumbent bike now but I'm going to wait as my knees are both still a little sore from...
  15. Susie-Q

    TKR Sep 8th LTKR recovery

    Yay! :happydance: What a great update! I don't think sitting cross-legged is something I'll ever be able to do again, my knees just won't bend that far. I'm finally able to do the stairs like an adult too. My hubby used to play pickle ball at work during breaks a lot. He really enjoyed it...


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