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    THR New here-with new hip!<

    Morning all! Come back to say I'm feeling a lot better this week. Have used the pillow as leg support, swallowed the occasional paracetamol and managed to go back to the gym (gently!) as I wasn't really doing anything much more than walking and therefore losing flexibility. Things are a lot more...
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    THR New here-with new hip!<

    Morning! @Layla, I did try sleeping with a pillow between my knees as you described and I have to say I did get much more rest, so thank you for that suggestion.:yes: I had forgotten how great it is to talk to others who understand through personal or professional experience. I know I look back...
  3. S00zd

    THR New here-with new hip!<

    Thank you both so much. I did see a wonderful private physio so I will definitely consider going back to him and your other helpful suggestions.
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    THR New here-with new hip!<

    Hi @Jaycey. Overall I'm managing things I wasn't expecting, like a bit of sea swimming and a low-key dance class. Have stopped doing to the gym because we have been more or less rebuilding our house so haven't had the time or energy to spare. But-my stamina is shot, I struggle to lift anything...
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    THR New here-with new hip!<

    Hi folks. Here I am again after 4 months has passed by-so in total 9 months since I had the accident but still in pain from my THR. Nobody I know personally who's had it done is still in pain! Can't sleep on the affected scar and lying on the other side is weird because my right (operated) leg...
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    THR New here-with new hip!<

    Thanks, @HertsHippy. I'm not due to see my surgeon for another year now and he is both uncommunicative normally and especially now I made a complaint about the ward staff! The reason I said about the arthritis is that I've asked friends who have had THR for that reason and they all say they...
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    THR New here-with new hip!<

    Hi all-bit of advice please from any long-termers who care to answer! Will or should I ever be able to sit in a position with the soles of my feet together? All my Surgeon had to offer me by way of help last week was not to cross my legs from right to left for the rest of my life, including when...
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    THR Unbearable shin and knee pain after anterior THR

    Good morning, @Golden985 and welcome to the forum. Sorry to hear you are having such a horrible time with this pain. I too had a lot of knee pain following surgery and I understand that is because of the angle and twisting of the limb as part of the surgery and eventually will go away. Mine has...
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    THR When can I get back to the gym?<

    Well done, that @erwrightie! (very hard to pronounce, your moniker!)No wonder you feel proud of yourself. I went back to the gym for the first time yesterday too and woke up this morning thinking "never again" but by this afternoon I was planning my next session. Good to see progress, isn't it...
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    THR New here-with new hip!<

    Hi, @Jaycey and @Layla. Being a nurse myself, I'm very disappointed with medics generally in the area I have moved to, who seem to work in the "Paternal" school of thought-tell the patient as little as possible, especially the educated women and you won't be threatened out of your Big Doctor...
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    THR New here-with new hip!<

    My hospital visit today was pleasing but not because of the surgeon's ability to communicate! My bone scan showed I have osteopenia rather than osteoporosis so I was absolutely thrilled about that. He wouldn't tell me the actual values or show me a copy(!) and every single question I asked him...
  12. S00zd

    THR New here-with new hip!<

    Hello, @Layla and thank you for asking. I'm doing considerably improved, Yay! That new med has made a big difference and in quite a short space of time. The pain has not gone but it is by no means there all the time and is at a level where I can add in some paracetamol and then function well...
  13. S00zd

    Depression/post-op blues - open for all

    Hi @Trailgirl Sorry you are feeling so awful. I expect the vast majority of us feel like this at some point and for varying lengths of time but it can and will get better. The reasons for the low mood are many, varied and individual and for myself, I too had a wretched hospital experience, which...
  14. S00zd

    THR Reviews following THR

    It's so different everywhere! I had an appointment at 4 weeks, have another one which will be at 13 weeks and then, who knows?
  15. S00zd

    THR When can I get back to the gym?<

    I don't know where you are in the UK but here in Kent for a Total Hip, the dislocation precautions are for 12 weeks. However, I did do things on the "banned" list-such as climbing into the bath as the shower is over it - ONLY after consulting my physio and her assessing my level of flexibility...


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