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    MUA Ruby's Tuesday--July 11th, 2017<

    Hopefully you will get in a private room. I know what you mean about PTSD and the OR. Keep strong I go in today for a DKR see you soon on the recovery side
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    Wish me luck!

    Good luck wishes let us know how you do. Will be following you I go Thrusday.
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    TKR TKR today. Now post-op

    Good Luck with recovery
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    Bilateral TKR Bilateral Knee Replacement

    I am scheduled for BtKR on Thursday . I have been reading all the posts and have gained so much knowledge from all of you. I plan to post about my progress and ask questions. Thank you all for your valuable information.
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    Looking forward to the things I'll be able to do after I get my TKR.

    Ruby good luck you will soon be able to enjoy and have a quality of life. I know that's what. Am looking forward to
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    2017 July Sparklers - Are you having knee surgery in July?

    BKR scheduled for July 13 looking for buddies to talk with
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    Thank you

    BKR scheduled for July 13 looking for buddies to talk with
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    Thank you

    Hi I am scheduled for BTKR on July 13. I am so glad I found this group. I have been reading the posts and my anxiety level has decreased.

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