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Recent content by Mydogray

  1. Mydogray

    TKR Now the fun begins!

    My first week after surgery was very rough. By the end of my second week I was walking with my hiking stick and was feeling better everyday. It will come for you as well. Stay positive and listen to these bonesmart folks. I never went to formal pt. I followed the guidelines given to me here...
  2. Mydogray

    TKR Now the fun begins!

    Just had my second follow up ( 9 weeks). Doc said I was doing great! He checked my bend and extension just by looking, he didn’t measure me at all. I’m having no pain, I’m walking normal and back to hiking with my dog Ray. Life is good! Best wishes to everyone and good luck with your knees!
  3. Mydogray

    TKR December 2 TKR - survived surgery now the real fun begins.

    My first week was the worst. I’m 5 weeks post op and I’m now able to do must things I could before. You’ll be feeling better and be able to go outside before you know it! Wishing the best for you!
  4. Mydogray

    TKR Now the fun begins!

    Today I’m one month po. I feel like I’m doing great! I’m walking my dog 2 miles almost daily, I’m able to peddle a stationary bike without any problems and I’m doing all of my daily activities without any issues, and I’m sleeping great. I still have some tightness in my knee but it’s not a...
  5. Mydogray

    TKR LTKR - My First Ever!

    I walked a lot prior to my surgery and I started walking about a week after my surgery. I can’t go as far or as fast as before my surgery but I am getting better. I’m 25 days PO and I was able to walk 2 miles today. I am icing and elevating still. It does seems to help me. I stopped pain meds...
  6. Mydogray

    TKR Trailspud Recovery thread

    Good deal! I’m 3 weeks PO and I’ve started my walking/hiking again. I did 1.5 miles today and I think I could have gone further. I’m going to take it slow and safe so I can get back to where I was prior to my surgery. You’re doing great!
  7. Mydogray

    TKR Blues for you too?

    I had my surgery the same day as you and I’m the same age as you. I haven’t had any type of feeling blue yet. I think what helps with that is that I’m able to get outside and take short walks in the parks and enjoy nature. I was an avid walker/hiker prior to my tkr and I’m anxious to get back...
  8. Mydogray

    TKR Now the fun begins!

    Just got home from my two week checkup. The doc had me bend my knee and then straighten the knee, and had me walk around the room without the walker. He said to lose the walker, use a cane if I’m going outside but I shouldn’t need any type of assistance at home. He never measure rom or...
  9. Mydogray

    TKR Uncontrollable pain

    It does get better. Today I’m 2 weeks po and I was able to get into and out of the tub by myself and take a shower. I’m mostly pain free and I haven’t taken any pain meds in 48 hours. I’m still using a walker instead of a cane. I want to see what my surgeon says before I change over from the...
  10. Mydogray

    TKR Now the fun begins!

    I was kind of prepared for the pain after my surgery but I wasn’t ready for the other issues that goes along with it such as: itching cause by my meds, rash caused by meds, sweating so much at night that the sheets have to be changed. Do any of you have these or other issues related to your surgery?
  11. Mydogray

    TKR Painful Recovery So Far

    I haven’t read all of your postings so this may have already been said. If it were me, I’d seek a second opinion on my pain levels. As far as to exercise or not, I’d do what I wanted to do unless it was causing me too much agony. I had my tkr about a week ago and I feel that I’m doing okay so...
  12. Mydogray

    TKR Now the fun begins!

    One week in and many more to go! The first week was rough, pain, sleeplessness, confusion, etc. I’m feeling better and able to move around a lot more. I see and feel small gains daily. I hope everyone else is doing well and can continue to improve.
  13. Mydogray

    TKR Toni Lee Recovery Thread

    I’m also located in Michigan and having to deal with the snow. My wife went out and used a shovel to clean our walk way. She has never had to do the snow before and it bothers me to see her doing my job. Hopefully, I can recover quickly and be able to help like I’m supposed to.
  14. Mydogray

    TKR Now the fun begins!

    Thanks for the replies. Day four and I was left alone while my wife and daughter went shopping. Somehow, Ray, my dog managed to lock himself in the bathroom. I was able to get up by myself and rescue that crying baby... I know to be careful just happy that I could handle a puppy emergency...

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