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    TKR MoragsMum's Recovery

    Thanks @glidefloss ! Here's hoping :)
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    TKR MoragsMum's Recovery

    Hi lovely Smarties – so this is a bit of an Awful Warning. Some weeks after my TKR on Nov 8th 2021 I started losing weight, and found several other cases where this happened after a TKR (cases found by Googling). A month later I began getting intense stomach pain, and did US, CT, then PET-CT –...
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    TKR Fatigue & Depression

    What a heavy load you're carrying - can you take little naps when it's all too much? Or set a timer for when you force yourself to stop and sit down, for example? Wishing a fast recovery to both of you!
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    TKR RTKR 2nd March 2022

    I simmer some prunes with cinnamon, vanilla and lemon peel, and have a couple with breakfast porridge, works well.
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    TKR 4 months update./ How are all the November Nimbles? ,and other 4 months post op experiences?

    Wow @vinneef 10,000 steps would be a total marathon for me (Surgery on 8 November 2021). It is crucial I believe not to listen to other people's stories and compare - caught myself doing that lot at first - then I understood we're all different and it's best to focus on your individual knee...
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    TKR TKR Scaredycat10's recovery

    And another loo story...there are things called STPs (stand-to-pee devices) which are really really helpful for the knee-challenged. I bought one ahead of my TKR and used it twice, in the earliest days when I thought I might not be able to get to the loo in time.
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    TKR TKR Scaredycat10's recovery

    In a similar situation recently, after having to sit on the seat (which our mums told us never to do) and to hang onto the seat to get back up, I used a load of alcogel wipes before and after - the horror! A folding stick is much more hygienic ;)
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    TKR TKR Scaredycat10's recovery

    Just like that episode of Grace & Frankie, where Grace is stranded on the loo...Sounds like a great routine for physio!
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    TKR 14 Months Post Op

    @Carol Anna I so admire people who have the second knee operated on in close proximity to the first one. At the moment I feel I'd do anything to avoid it. Still, reading the encouraging stories here, and seeing how at the beginning we are, it's really helpful. One day we'll be there!!
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    TKR Lounge Dr and mini peddlers

    Hi @Mom2Lucy , Pain meds seems to be a very individual matter. When I took oycodone soon after surgery it did nothing for me (found that a bit worrying). Nor did Tramadol. What helped me is something which has 500 mg paracetamol, 50 mg caffeine, and 15 mg codeine, it's made in Israel but I'm...
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    TKR Still pain at 10 weeks po

    @Scaredycat10, I can definitely relate to - " I still do the one step/one step down and to be perfectly frank, it has become a habit over the years but a habit which is doing me no harm at all and might be my habit for ages too come, so I wouldn't be concerned about that at all." All those years...
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    TKR TKR Scaredycat10's recovery

    Five hours with benefit of tablets is not bad at all! And Benadryl sounds a much gentler option than the heavy stuff, probably just as effective. You certainly deserve smilies, funny, I can't find them either.... maybe this works :)
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    TKR MoragsMum's Recovery

    Sounds as if you're doing really well, @Vida , and how lovely that you walked normally down a flight of stairs...I'm still hesitating there. We are certainly primed to achieve, maybe that's the reason we're so intent on progress. Slow and steady wins the race, as they told us in junior school!
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    TKR TKR Scaredycat10's recovery

    About sleep - I took the naughty way out early on after surgery and started to take a sleeping pill. Hoping to cut it in half soon and eventually wean myself off it. Thought if - as well as all the other tough things - I couldn't sleep it would be really the pits.
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    TKR TKR Scaredycat10's recovery

    @Scaredycat10 I'm pretty much at the same stage with walking stick - yes or no. My physio suggested a foldable stick, which can be kept to hand in a suitable shopping bag. Also feel daft carrying an ordinary stick!

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