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    TKR MoragsMum's Recovery

    Thanks so much @hawk2go. I will certainly take that energy drain diagram into account! Will let you know re. the blood test.
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    TKR MoragsMum's Recovery

    The ortho looked first at my knee, and said it is much better than many 8-month replacements. The x-ray shows that the implant is perfectly in place, which was a huge relief to hear. He ordered a specific blood test that can show if there's an infection anywhere. My conclusion meantime is to get...
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    TKR MoragsMum's Recovery

    Thanks, hawk2go .Recently my knee has taken second place to chemo sessions, but now I have a three-week hiatus from them. Now the replacement has regressed to the "bad old days" just after surgery. Back to icing, elevating.... this afternoon will be visiting a knee specialist to see what he...
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    TKR 8 months post op TKR (12/28/21), heat, swelling, pain after exercise

    Your story reflects mine perfectly – LTKR on 8 November 2021 (apart from one grim difference, that I was diagnosed with cancer in April ☹ 2022). Other than that – exactly the same progress for several months of physio, followed by exercises at home). Then at the 5-6 month mark, the whole thing...
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    TKR MoragsMum's Recovery

    Thanks @glidefloss ! Here's hoping :)
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    TKR MoragsMum's Recovery

    Hi lovely Smarties – so this is a bit of an Awful Warning. Some weeks after my TKR on Nov 8th 2021 I started losing weight, and found several other cases where this happened after a TKR (cases found by Googling). A month later I began getting intense stomach pain, and did US, CT, then PET-CT –...
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    TKR Fatigue & Depression

    What a heavy load you're carrying - can you take little naps when it's all too much? Or set a timer for when you force yourself to stop and sit down, for example? Wishing a fast recovery to both of you!
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    TKR RTKR 2nd March 2022

    I simmer some prunes with cinnamon, vanilla and lemon peel, and have a couple with breakfast porridge, works well.
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    TKR Shockwave therapy

    Wow @vinneef 10,000 steps would be a total marathon for me (Surgery on 8 November 2021). It is crucial I believe not to listen to other people's stories and compare - caught myself doing that lot at first - then I understood we're all different and it's best to focus on your individual knee...
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    TKR TKR Scaredycat10's recovery

    And another loo story...there are things called STPs (stand-to-pee devices) which are really really helpful for the knee-challenged. I bought one ahead of my TKR and used it twice, in the earliest days when I thought I might not be able to get to the loo in time.
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    TKR TKR Scaredycat10's recovery

    In a similar situation recently, after having to sit on the seat (which our mums told us never to do) and to hang onto the seat to get back up, I used a load of alcogel wipes before and after - the horror! A folding stick is much more hygienic ;)
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    TKR TKR Scaredycat10's recovery

    Just like that episode of Grace & Frankie, where Grace is stranded on the loo...Sounds like a great routine for physio!
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    TKR Almost two years with tkr

    @Carol Anna I so admire people who have the second knee operated on in close proximity to the first one. At the moment I feel I'd do anything to avoid it. Still, reading the encouraging stories here, and seeing how at the beginning we are, it's really helpful. One day we'll be there!!
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    TKR Lounge Dr and mini peddlers

    Hi @Mom2Lucy , Pain meds seems to be a very individual matter. When I took oycodone soon after surgery it did nothing for me (found that a bit worrying). Nor did Tramadol. What helped me is something which has 500 mg paracetamol, 50 mg caffeine, and 15 mg codeine, it's made in Israel but I'm...
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    TKR Still pain at 10 weeks po

    @Scaredycat10, I can definitely relate to - " I still do the one step/one step down and to be perfectly frank, it has become a habit over the years but a habit which is doing me no harm at all and might be my habit for ages too come, so I wouldn't be concerned about that at all." All those years...

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