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  1. Miss Muffet

    Middlesbrough area - 50 year old refused surgery

    Very grateful for this Josephine. Have relayed to David and will keep you posted once he’s got himself set up. :)
  2. Miss Muffet

    Middlesbrough area - 50 year old refused surgery

    Hello All - after an unacceptable period of radio silence I have raised my head above the parapet. Despite not posting for an age I have made it my business to promote BS to any and everyone who is struggling with hip pain, as I did. I’ve also supported friends and friends of friends through...
  3. Miss Muffet

    THR Toddlermom - one down!!

    Hi @Toddlermom - glad to hear you ended up back at work and am guessing things went well from there on, except for this niggling feeling that you are in need of another new hip. The actual surgeries didn't 'feel' different in themselves - I really meant that the second experience seemed to go...
  4. Miss Muffet

    THR Toddlermom - one down!!

    Helllooooo @Toddlermom - :hi: wow you make time fly! It only seems like yesterday we were in regular touch. Well I'm a vintage double-hipper now and extremely thankful too. As Jaycey says, and I agree, my second was a whole lot easier. Possibly because I knew what to expect and I was able...
  5. Miss Muffet

    Hip Replacement at 39

    Actually the surgeon I chose was word of mouth. I had been attending Pilates Studio 1:1 sessions to strengthen my core in readiness and a lady there who had recently had her THR spoke highly of him. I Googled the local hospital for more detail on him and elected to have a private consultation...
  6. Miss Muffet

    Hip Replacement at 39

    Completely agree with Jaycey. You choose your surgeon and are not subjected to being allocated one. I elected to go for a private consultation as I wanted to have an absolutely clear diagnosis and prognosis and was then put on his NHS list. My surgeon’s stats were clearly available and he...
  7. Miss Muffet

    THR Take a deep breath! Jump in!

    @gertie - Hello! Can't quite believe a year has flown by and so many changes. Well you've certainly turned into the bionic woman then. I hope the PT will help you regain some of the range of motion. It is true to say that although I'm about to come up to the first anniversary of my second new...
  8. Miss Muffet

    Post-Op Hair Loss

    @Lerwick8 - I am post menopausal and also suffered thinning hair through both of my Ops. The jury was out as regards the cause - but I felt it was a mixture of meds but also stress. I had severe hair loss through a particularly difficult patch of my life and was a bag of nerves in the build up...
  9. Miss Muffet

    Right hip bone-on-bone but join pain in several other areas...

    Ahead of both my THRs I had loads of referred pain - back, knees, shoulders, neck. It is 'learned' behaviour and has gradually receded as my body retrained to walk correctly. The surgery has resolved many issues for me not least a set of sparkling new painless hips and the rest seemed to...
  10. Miss Muffet

    August surgery date

    I too was petrified. I would wake in a cold sweat and wonder what on earth I was letting myself in for. It was the agony and tears that finally drove me to accept that nothing could possibly be worse than gradually increased pain, immobility and yet more drugs - just to try and keep things...
  11. Miss Muffet

    Sequin98's Pre-op Journey

    I agree with Jaycey - having not crossed my legs for so many weeks postOp I am also out of the habit. No bad thing! However, I do do it sometimes but more than anything I'm just guarding against varicose veins now. :angel:
  12. Miss Muffet

    Revision THR Krista's Gluteus Medius Repair 1 Year post THR

    @Krista - what a wonderful update and I couldn't be happier to hear that you've got such a lovely trip coming up, which will be all the sweeter after all you've been through. All of which you've faced and dealt with with enormous fortitude, while at the same time giving so much of your time and...
  13. Miss Muffet

    THR Impossible Hip Pain No More!

    I echo what is being said here. My GP sent me to a spinal specialist despite me saying I was sure I had a problem with my hip. That all wasted 18 months of unnecessary further pain till he identified (and agreed with me) it was OA in my hip. It's fair to say that I did have backache too, but...
  14. Miss Muffet

    THR Bizzy Lizzy on the other side

    Ah @BizzyLizzy - so wonderful to hear this. Just knew you'd benefit from this magical surgery and am very happy to read your update. Isn't it great to be able to look ahead and live once more! :yes!: :friends:
  15. Miss Muffet

    Posterior vs anterior

    Hello and welcome. I'm also in U.K. And had both my hips replaced last year posterior approach. The surgeon is best placed to make the decision but I would say that I am delighted with the results and feel on top of the world as supposed to an extremely unhappy bunny with loads of pain. Now I...

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